Saturday, January 13, 2007

exhibition turns to fly kite

Went to KLCC convention centre today for an Islamic exhibition. Was there Daryle, Farah, Baizura (lecturer) and Roshidah (ex limkokwing lecturer) and 'millions' of other Malay strangers.. a lot lot lot.. students from here.. from other states.. working people.. architects.. designers.. teachers.. engineers.. art lovers.. yada yada yada.. this is really what oldies say.. people mountain people sea. Beh tahan.. seriously a lot of people.. the queue was freaking loongggg.... and inside still packed like if u kena molest.. u can't even turn around and slap that freak.. ended up we all din masuk.. so we left the hall, waited and lepak at Coffee Bean for their daily brew and pita tuna sandwich with the 2 girls..

Baizura smsed us.. saying too packed.. come another day.. but me, Farah and Daryle frownedd... don wanna go liao la.. sibeh a lot of people.. sibeh far.. sibeh expensive parking.. and sibeh can make me pokai of all the shopping.. since now still season clearance at like discounts for 5o% - 70%... hehhee.. Was fun shopping with Farah today. =P

I went there by KTM to KL Central (1 hour).. then LRT to KLCC (15mins). Going wasn't a problem.. The journey back wasss... tiring.. *sigh*.. stood all the way 'cos crowdy and no place to lay my ass on.

Unlucky of me to end up in the same coach with these 3 aunties.. i mean.. parrots in their age of 50+.. Why parrots? Their conversation are mainly bodek here n there.. repeat this n that.. comparing this n that.. gossipping bout their own relatives' fat asses. UGH!!! For an hour from KL Central back to Klang.. I was like standing next to one of them.. oh mY freako god.

Conversation 1 (all in hokkien..)
Parrot 1 (holding grandson's hand): My husband think that having our own business is a good start..
Parrot 2 : Yes.. true true
Parrot 3 : True.. i agree
Parrot 2 : My husband also say horr... bla bla bla blablahhhh
Parrot 1 : simeh?? my husband also say liddat.. he also got say other thing.. he say horr... bla bla bla blablahhhh
Parrot 3 : no lar.. where got liddat one... my husband say hor... bla bla bla blablahhhh

(sibeh never ending.. talk like as if the whole train belong to them.. don wan to eavesdrop also cannot.. it's like they're screaming into my ears adding frus into my drowsiness)

Conversation 2
Parrot 1 : See.. my grandson sleepy already
Parrot 2 : Yalor.. your grandson look a bit sleepy dy
Parrot 3 : Yalor.. see his eyes.. red liao
Parrot 1 : Yalor.. aiyo.. eyes red.. come i carry you sleep *talked kinda too loud eventhough he was just standing next to her*
Parrot 2 : your grandson very kuai hor..
Parrot 3 : yalor.. her grandson very kuai..
Parrot 1 : yalor.. i also know my grandson very kuai.. everyone also say he kuai..

Conversation 3
Parrot 2 : That Ah Lian now very fat liao hor
Parrot 1 : Yalor.. last time thin.. now very fat hor
Parrot 3 : Yalor.. last time her son say we all fat fat.. now she more fat.. *evil laughter*
Parrot 2 : Yalaa... say us fat.. now she fat.. i tell u har.. fat hor.. very hard to thin one ar.. hahaha
Parrot 1 : still ok la.. i last time also very fat.. then ever since i took the medication.. i thin down liao looo (she still fat) my diet supplement very good one ar.. no side effect.. sibeh good.
Parrot 2 : Yalor yalor.. u thin down a bit liao.. (obviously bodeking)
Parrot 3 : yalor.. look younger too.. *paiseh laugh* how u keep fit? i also want to know leh
Parrot 2 : yalor.. i wan to know also.. share share la..
Parrot 1 : ohhh.. aiyah.. boh ming kia la.. i one day only eat one meal you knoww.. sibeh hard leh.. lunch i skip one... then dinner hor.. i drink soup nia... so kankor..
Parrot 2 & 3 : aiyo..
Parrot 3 : aiyo.. si ah ni kuan yeh lar... boh pien.. ai sui mar.. i also the same..
Parrot 1 : but i eat totalife product.. beh pai you know.. can thin faster.. u see my tummy also flat a bit liao..
Parrot 2 : silor silor..
Parrot 3 : remember last time we go slimming.. pau plastic.. then burn out fat one.. very good u know.. but boh pien.. i like to eat.. beh kim.. so fat again..
Parrot 2 : Simeh?? i see u still fit fit (this type of friend.. no honesty)
Parrot 3 : Mana got? U see my tummy.. this tummy all because i drink beer la.. u duno meh.. drink beerr.. very fat one ar.. a lot of sugar mar.. but i sibeh suka lim..
Parrot 1 : Aiya.. bian so kankor lahh.. follow my words.. sure success one.. some people can thin fast.. but some people cannot.. see hormones one mar..
Parrot 2 : yahor.. you sibeh clever.. i also duno this thing
Parrot 1 : hehe.. bo lar.. bo lar.. i also hear people say one la..
Parrot 3 : i stop the slimming liao.. cos hor.. the bills very expensive.. i think i follow ur eating habits.. then we can slim down..
Parrot 2 : silor.. then we can together pan leng leng..
Parrot 1,2 and 3 : hahahhahahhah!!!! ya ya good idea.

*UGHHHH!!!* my eyes rolled a million times till it hurts.
Beh tahan.. a lot more they talked about that i find it so BIMBOtic.

I can't help but to feel super sUpER blessed that we reached Klang station. Can hear angels sing. Can see God's smiling, kicking them off like football off the field.

Ya ya.. i'm bad.. So what? I was tired. The whole train was listening to their conversation as people started to reach their destination. You can see those who understand will secretly smile.. looking at them.. smiling again.. some whispering.. some looking at them like they were from Mars.. Even more funny case was that this guy around my age.. went sitting next to them.. ended up he prefer to stand by the door and waited.. obviously irritated la.. cos i saw him making faces behind the parrots to his friend.

See? I'm not the only one mentally abused.

OK ok. I'm such a conceited bitch.

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