Friday, January 12, 2007

church of light

Hmm.. a lot of things kept me very occupied recently.. probably like ever since classes started to pour in.. assignments' piling high up.. Sigh and the internet line sucked to the max making blogging extra hard. Ain't excuse people.

Doing some research on my case study.. that Jap architect.. Tadao Ando.. mainly more on the Church of Light.. his famous project.. Basically it's bout.. is a concrete cube (approximately 6x18x6m) penetrated by a wall angled at 15°, dividing the cube into the chapel and the entrance area. a cruciform is cut into the concrete behind the altar, and lit during the morning (as it is facing east).. so-called like.. god entering the space.. nearer to god.. yada yada yada..

Gotta analyze it for.. lighting.. and lighting.. and lighting stuff.. my understanding to the church and "stuff"... ehehhe..

(click to enlarge)

Oh ya.. i watched KungFu Mahjong 3 yesterday with LayFong.. Recommended. Funny like hell.. And there's a cool macho my-kind-of bad boy in there.. Bowie.. but i dono his real name.. will find out soon.. *winkz*

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