Wednesday, January 17, 2007

light in model, tears in heaven

Feeling totally horrible today..
Tired. Exhausted. Moody. Hellish day to be exact.

Was feeling so damn restless that I can't remember how the hell I drove home all the way from Cheras.. Until when I lie on my bed.. then only I realised.. how come I can't even recall did I pay the toll or stuck in the jam for a bloody half an hour. All I know is that.. I was driving with one hand "supporting" my head leaning against the door and drowning my sorrows into the sentimental songs on 105.7 And of all that I was thinking throughout the drive home was = my lighting bulb display case for Design 4.

GOsh.. this bloody assignment is seriously giving me a headache. It's gonna due next Monday. Though it's only within 2 weeks.. but.. urghh!! everyone is having problem with it. How to come out with a core concept.. a strong one?? Pening sial.

At times, when I thought I have the concept and idea for the model.. BUT when i asked myself some questions that I know the panels/lecturers might ask.. me myself totally have no answers to. Dead meat.

The clock is ticking.. 7.44pm.. and tomorrow is the last day for tutorial. Sigh.. I probably take a short nap now.. Wake up in an hour or two to continue brain-storming.. my brain cells are tangled.. stuck.. whatever words you can describe that i'm brainless now.

This song gonna be my lullaby to sleep. Ease me.. console me.. make my brain active again.

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

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