Sunday, April 20, 2008

the "forbidden" two

The movie was okay yesterday.
Went JuscoBukitTinggi n watched The Forbidden Kingdom.
Yeah.. as mentioned.. with Alan & HuayPin.

The movie was kinda rubbish actually if it weren't for the 2 star heroes in it..
Not exactly total trash but just u need to know the history n background of each of the main characters.. if not u don't quite get it anyway..
Check out their main movie website. Cool yeh..

Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Greatttt...
A sudden twist of English and Mandarin.. then this n that... blah blahhhh
etc etc that don't quite make sense..
But to me.. I still can kinda like it.. the movie angles...
'cos I like "costume" movies.. props, legendary stuff..... *grins*
And i like that Golden Sparrow girl.. Crystal Liu.. Very very gorgeous Asian girl.
Watched her in the "Return of Condor Heroes".. very very goodddd...

Ok back to Forbidden Kingdom... Ending was quite expected actually..
hmm.. worth a watch for the 2 great kungfu heroes.
Love them both... Jackie more to the tough kind of fighting skills...
Jet Li made those moves looked so effortlessly... both so YENG... yet so wrinkled.. hahaha
Still remember those times when I watched Jet Li's Once upon a time in China.. hehhee


Well.. not crapping much though today.
Been sleeping the whole day. Headache.
Not feeling well. Very not well to be exact.
Heading of to bed again. Cya~

Oh... I went Starbucks again yesterday.
Had Ice Chocolate Grande. Yum.
I forgotten bout SuChing's recommendation.
Next time girl. *winks*


Big Boys Oven said...

great that you went to watch a movie and also away to destres yourself!

team bsg said...

we see some glimpses of the round the world in 80 days long hair jackie with matsalleh again in your swordciting trailer ! ...remember that jet li fella bluff that he gave up acting kung fu movies 2 years ago ? ...but for you suppose he has changed his mind lah !

Michelle said...

bbo : well.. yea.. but not enough destres.. can't wait till may5. i need big big gulps of air.

team bsg: oh issit? heheh i din check the trailer fully..

anyway.. yea.. jet li said he wanna quit.. not mistaken is that "huo yan jia" movie? hehehehe...

haih same like jackie cheung la... keep saying last concert.. end up so many concerts still haven end.. lol