Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Less is More" or "More is Less"?

Ok.. another round of interior design "mess".

This is the Ghost House.
Designed by Japanese architecture firm "Datar".

It's all about minimalism.
Well, instead of creating a traditional Japanese house...
they chose to exaggerate the building’s ghostly silhouette,
hmmm.. presenting a mute character. Scale less from the outside.
The house has three levels with a complex set of ramps & steps.
Eh... don't play play ok..
The house was Commended at the 2007 AR Awards For Emerging Architecture lehhh...


A Book Walk?
So surreal right??? and damn damn colourful.

Feel like an ant? *grins*
Check out Cardiff in the UK or the Kansas City Library. Both have the same idea.
but Cardiff’s facade is temporary until the library is remodeled.
The concept is a facade of giant big big books....
hmmm I din see my favorite books lining up there.. hahah encyclopedias..
Anyway, it does creates an extremely surreal experience for anyone passing by.
Nice right??? You don't see this often. Look at our libraries... Shheeeshhh~~

Alrites alrites... So what's your pick???

p/s: Pictures adapted from
p/p/s: 1 hour d.. my stupid 3d still rendering. Damn.



pink_angel said...

Eh I saw! I saw my favourite book!! Harry Potter!! hehehehhe. But you don't feel scared meh like the book going to crush you...

Big Boys Oven said...

oh dear you just reminded me that I have to read as I need to teach this coming semester, what a bummer! :(

Michelle said...

ash: hahaha u n ur bloody imagination... yaya they will like crush on u make into a book pulp.. hahahha.. wild girl comes with wild imagination horrrr...

bbo: better start readinggggg~~ lazy bum? lol.. go reahhh.. *whip whip* hahhahaa

pink_angel said...

Haiya, how also my imagination not as bad as yours! Innocent cow milk!!! LOL. So this makes you wilder!! OMG! Hahahaha. I can SOOO imagine your wild side!! HAHAHAHA.

team bsg said...

wonder what fine food is allowed into the ghost house maybe white BKT ?
then some giant banana leaf packed nasi lemak bungkus in-between the missing encyclopedias
for the surreal misfamine effect would be quite a sensation and another architectural marvel, right ?

k.t.x said...

hi. mich. taking on the minimalist approach is always the more complicated road, because, people tend to see more thru complications. it's easy and straight forward, cheaper. however, the end product of a minimalist design is always full of bliss and spirit.

Michelle said...

ash: hahahah SHHhhh... don la advertise my WILDness.. i very InnoCent one ok.. but unlike ur COW la.. hahaaa

team bsg: right right.. hhahah imagine bkt is really all white.. gosh man.. like all plastered.. bleughh..

ktx: precisely.. minimalist is like plain and all white-ish... but the shades and shadows play with the minimum of colours can be very eye catching at times.. so well.. Like what Mies van der Rohe says "Less is More".. lol