Monday, April 21, 2008

am i taking emo pills??

Very very moody. Grumpy grumpy.
No idea what mood swing is this... swing all the way to the opposite side.

I'm on pills lately. No.. not THAT pill.
Went to see my dietitian last week.
She gave me some pills for my gastric, vitamins and digestion shits..
Only remembered to start taking it yesterday.
Once she told me these pills might affect my emotions and feelings..
but so far.. nothing.. been taking on and off since last year. No problem at all.

Don't know why today was horrible..... totally no mood.
All the negativity attitudes shooting all over me. No idea.. no idea.
Suddenly moody, suddenly feel so hard to breathe like super damn stressed up..
suddenly drowsy, feeling nausea slightly..
I thought it was my period.. but i seldom have mood swings..
And my period was wayyyy over..

Hmmm.... if my guess is wrong on the pills..
then why like that? *wonders*
or maybe I'm really quite stressed up lately.
Too many in my head. Damn.
No.. i'm not EMO.. just feeling very fed up kind.

That's why I hate perfection. Get it?


pink_angel said...

What kind of emo pills is PINK??!! No offense, I love the colour pink and it is a disability to me but pink pills looks poisoness! HAHA.

Big Boys Oven said...

Is that what I am thinking it is? hmmm

Michelle said...

ashley: hahahaha so now u know PINK is poisoness?? sooooooo STOP ur PINK ADDICT attitude la.. ahahhahahah..

bbo: erm.. wat u thinking that it is wat u thinking?? hehehhee

anyway the pix is just a random pix from google ler dear... LOL