Thursday, April 03, 2008

nothing kills sudden crave

Ya ya... speaking of not wanting to be "too big" in several "places"...
and buying that treadmill that has not arrive yet...

Due to stress and moody that night.. not recalling when.. simply 'cos I couldn't..
Few days back, I think. *grins*
Suffering from short-term-memory syndrome lately..

Yvonne was coming my house for a sleepover.
I was hungry.. Very light dinner..
She reached almost 10pm.. i think... we then hit the road for supper..
Mamak? boring... Cafe? sien.. too noisy some..

"Ok lar!! We go KFC.." says me.
"I was thinking of that too... *grins*" says her.

Just 3 mins from my house..
we entered this KFC outlet.. yet banyak orang makan fast food so late at night..
I mean this is the first time of my life having fast food this late..
and if my mom knew bout this, she'll probably skin me alive..

We shared a dinner plate (3 pcs) and a large cheesy wedges.
After this, we worked out asses off on our work projects and my finals till late 3am.
Burning gallons of midnight oil.



Been kinda busy lately.. so might be a bit slow in updating my blog.
*thousands apologies*

If you care.



Big Boys Oven said...

Wonder if we are allow to sleep over?

Michelle said...

yes sure.. ehehhe
as long as u let me sleep on your bed of strawberry cakesss!!!!!

then it will be a heavenly delicious sleep for me.. lol

team bsg said...

great , V r coming over this weekend .
No problem , you can sleep on us ( omg hahaha )

Michelle said...

team bsg, remember to call when u'r coming k.. i'll get a bucket.. hahahaha