Monday, March 31, 2008

runnnnnnn for your lifeeee~~~

I bought a Proform treadmill yesterday night. Around 4700k plus.
Obviously by installment la.. you think i got print-money ass meh??
I quit my gym last month, no time to go lately... really busy with classes n work.
just rather just get a machine at home.
or SHOULD get a machine at home.. MUST!!
At least everyone at home get to work-out a bit.
Hehe *grins*

After all those "FATilicious-glamour" food.. hahha..
i really think it's time to shed some unwanted pounds..
Not SOME.. it's bloody A LOT...
Just hope I won't end up like this though.. *glances below*

Won't la horrrr??

But i rather be as above than THIS (below)
It's not horror horror.. but just I don't want to be too big at several "places"..
HEehehehe suffocating ok?
You think be a girl very easy ar?
Bend forward backward also hav to jaga... *sulks*

cute graphic right???

But do enjoy being a girl sometimes... *winks*
There are sure a few privileges over than we got more places to get cancer. *frowns*

BUT why girls must portray the polite side and the stereotyped "model" look??



Big Boys Oven said...

gosh this reminds me!

pink_angel said...

OMG OMG!!! I damn scared ad looking at your pictures! I mean that cute graphic! I also wan exercise liao!!

I also want that trademill!!

Michelle said...

bbo: reminds u of wat?? get me one? hahaha..

pink: hehe go get ur own treadmill.. don't mess with mine.. lol.. =P

pink_angel said...

eyerrr kedekut nia...share share ma