Sunday, March 02, 2008

sunday's always "stuffed" with food..

Another typical Sunday...
Planned to makan dimsum at first.. but stupid brother suddenly craving for BKT..
YES.. AGAIN!!! *ugh* i miss my harkau...

This time around.. we went to Pandamaran Klang for that stewed pork again.
The previous posting on stewed pork is *here*
Dad likes it more than BKT b'cos mom don't really let us makan the BKT sizzling ones..
All her health-conscious lectures and scary consequences blared out like
Around 10.20am only.. but the food almost finishing.. sibeh kin..

(above) Tasted like PLAIN white rice with just lil' bit of piggie's oil aroma.
(below) They do serve "Da Chai Fan".. mandarin translated
something like Vegetable Rice..

(above) Typical BKT taste.. with no pork.. just the "liao"
(below) Stewed pork intestines... super yummy.. like it like it.

The main star (again) Stewed Pork "Big Bone".. hahaha
Straight translation from Hokkien.. "Tua KUT"..

Well.. this meal was much cheaper than the previous visit to Meru's *here*
Taste wise.. hmm.. let me put it this way.. *grins*
the taste here... is more "kampung" style.. like how ur grandma can cook type..
for the one in Meru.. is kinda "commercialised"..
Conclusion.. both uniqueness deserves a good call for a full breakfast. your choice!!

Went Jusco Bukit Tinggi after breakfast..
Me for window-shopping.. Mom and sis for real-cash-spend-shopping..
Dad and bro??? Junkfood-hunting again.. hehehe
Din buy anything.. empty-handed.
I was and still AM looking for a pair of red heels.. but tak dapat cari lar..
And i skipped lunch for a chocolate ice-cream.. heheh..

Mom, dad n bro went crop hair..
Me n sis stayed home to be maid..
Dinner was on me again..

Tired + lazy + nothing-at-home-to-cook + sleepy me..
just dug out chilli tuna, french beans, onions for a simple spaghetti toss tonight.
Half hour KAU-TIM..

Loads to do for assignment tonight. *
TOodless.... and a big fat *mwah****



Big Boys Oven said...

walio eat also never ask me to join you! you you so bad one!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

woot come i nvr see tat tua kut b4 shiok!!

Michelle said...

bbo: hhahaha.. next time k.. lol

joe: klang got a lot of that kind of 'tua kut' everywhere... hahaha.. cheap n nice.. hahaha