Friday, March 07, 2008


Recently I just cropped my hair.
I think like last Monday. Don't think I mention it ya?? *grins*
Real funky short if I really go style it up... That Roger.. Sighh..

Anyway.. long day today..
I was rushing my site analysis video deadlines that I slept at 5.30am this morning..
Woke up like around 8.30am to attend class by 9.30am..
which obviously I was late.. couldn't wake up..
and well, I was "betrayed" that my presentation this morning..
BUT was postponed till next week.. Sheeshhh..

Reached class at 10.10am.. and left by 10.50am..
I wasn't really sleepy that time.. somehow I was HYPER..
All my friends are either working or still sleeping.. *grunts*

I went MidValley for a short shopping-crawl but end up empty-handed.
Then met up with HuayPin at SunwayPyramid for lunch..
Went Cats Whiskers at Subang but nothing much to get..
Then came back Klang, met up with Raymond for a short tea-break..
and hit the nails' parlor at BBK to do my manicure n pedicure..

Cheap. (compared to others la)
Manicure - 28 bucks.
Pedicure - 38 bucks.

I like it. Their service goooddd... Small parlor but comfy.
Felt so pampered. Sitting like a queen which they "serviced" my nails and toenails.
MwahahAHHAhahaa... *happy*

Nails Gallery
No.16-1st Floor, Jalan Tiara 2C,
Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang.

For appointments, pls contact 019-256 3529
Tue - Sat (11am - 7.30pm)
Sun (11am - 4.30pm)


Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh I wish I was free on that day! then I would have belanja you lunch! lol!

team bsg said...

gosh so daring red fingers , but no green toes ?

Michelle said...

bbo: yala!! so bad.. lagi laugh at me.. tsk tsk.. horrible~~

team bsg: nope.. no green toes... mayb green hat for u? lol.. hahaa