Saturday, March 22, 2008

all my first times

Mom "dug" me out from bed this morning bout 8am.
*groans* She ajak me go join her breakfast with dad n brother.
I was like... Awwwww man.. let me sleep la a little longer lehhhh.. Weekend Rule!!!
She said, "Oi!! You OT so much lately.. long time no join us makan d.. get ur ass up. Quick!! Lazy girl"
She and her super-family-conscious-attitude.. no way to change that statement..
So, with the whole reluctant plastered on my face and bloody "morning-sickness" of mine.. I got up. Yeah.. eventually. And I'm not a breakfast person.

Makan apa??

HAR!!! Bah-Kut-Teh lagi.

I don't think I need to still elaborate on those pix above kua...
Same like my other BKT experience.. but it was my first time trying this place..
Not bad.. with complimentary BKT soup.. they HAVE to give.. it's a MUST in all BKT even though you don't order the soup claypot ones..
If they don't give.. don't even GO there again.. ehhehee.. serious ok~
And something new was that.. they got big peanuts *pix above* in the sizzling BKT.
Something different.
Well.. one thing.. CHEAP. hehehe.. 4 of us.. only 19 bucks.

Along Jalan Meru, Klang.
If Klang Parade is on our right side.. you'll see this before reaching the traffic lights in front of Klang Parade on your right.. corner single-storey house. Go try.. go go..

One thing good bout BahKutTeh in Klang is that.. you can get it anywhere in Klang.
Any main areas, any corner, any backstreet, any hawker, any shop, any place lar..
It's like you don't have to find them.. they will "find" you.. hahahahah..
Their taste.. I think all like kena "standardized" d. So not much difference actually.
Unless some that are really really nice.. like those I blogged before.. ehhehe.
Check it out *here* and *here*

Printed my name-cards today. Nice I like it. Hehehe..
Was raining so pigs-and-cows this afternoon..
Throughout the day till the rain finally subsided around late evening..
Several places around Klang was slightly flooded.. Sighh..

Went Jusco Bukit Tinggi with mom and sis.
Everywhere SALES!!! 30%, 50%, 70%.. buy 1 free 1 also...
Hate window-shopping!! Hate it when I go shopping with no money in my purse.
Like NIL.. nothing.. empty except old receipts. UGH!!!
Wouldn't want to get from mom.. 'cos I know what her reply will be..
"One overflowing cupboard of clothes.. still say nothing to wear.." *rolled eyes*
I can like buy few skirts today and yet still tell u I've got nothing to wear..
I've got quite a number pairs of heels...
and my sister snapped asked me.. "Buy so many for wat?? You only got 2 feet wat"..

Nabeh... wait la till you grow older..

Going shopping with them both are sometimes quite annoying.
Mom get bored easily.. suddenly potong stim wan to go home..
Sister lagi worst.. get tired and keep bising on wanna makan..
Eventhough she just had her lunch like 2 hours ago..
"Hungry la jie.. we go eat la.. eat ok? eat ok?" *bounces like silly kid*
Sighh.. growing-soon-to-be-rebellious-teenager..
Hehehe.. *looks knowingly at all of you* everyone been through tat stage ok.

KimGary today. First time to enter KimGary in Klang. Hate the queue.
Lucky today no queue.. probably SO off lunch hours d.. it was like around 4pm.

Typical must-have.. their cold "yinyong".. Theirs still the best. I like.

Their pork slice + preserved veg + nissin noodles in four-season soup was not that bad..
But I wondered if it was MSG's good deed or it was really good.. *shrugs*

Their Shredded Coconut + Peanut Butter Waffle sucks. Hate it. bleughh..
So ended up.. I still love my French Toast the most.
But can't makan this too often.. gets "jelak" fast. Like REAL fast.

Okay-lar. Gotta balik room d.
Just came back yumchar with HuayPin, Yvonne and Fee at Bukit Tinggi.
Have to finish my presentation slides for design this upcoming Monday.
Gotta boringly "lecture" the class on "Accessible & Disable Building Design".

One word now.




team bsg said...

hey you eat so much you will soon become like one of us oredi lah !
but the rice really look circle round and next time we wake you up ourselves ( dear mom must wait downstairs )

Michelle said...

yer!! u so baddd.. hahaha
what u mean by become one of u d??
no no.. don't wake me up on weekends that early anymore.. spare me pls~