Saturday, March 15, 2008

first step into excessive indulgence(s)

I went facial today. Appointment at 10am.
(pssstt.. woke up so early on a Saturday to do face.. first time mannn...)

Recommended by my mom's friend's daughter's sister-in-law.. *grins*
Those home-aunty-kind (which I never trusted n never interested) but with the same products as some big spas.
75 bucks c/w shoulder+back massage.
I finally agreed to go 'cos my sister went yesterday to get her pimples all "flattened" and both mom n her, said that it was worth it, good service n etc etc etc..
Fine then.. just try lor.

The lady was very nice, but really UGH ooOohHH AAwwH OUCHHHh..
*painful sial*

She picit, pressed, squeezed all my "black heads" out..
SAKIT to the max lor... especially around the T-zone...
super sensitive... tears welled up and flowed uncontrollably.. gosh man...

I was like so cursing my ass out inside.. like freaking yelling to the inner me...
Don't understand how women can tahan the pain while giving birth..
when i almost can't tahan this pain.. *struggles*
and thank god.. i've got no pimples and never have pimple problems..
but just freckles instead... tiny brown spots..
Well, she said partially for some people, freckles are in the GENES.
My mom did have.. like quite a lot... heheh.. NO WONDER.

BUT she soothed every hatred in me with a hydrating+moisturizing cooling mask.
After that.. fuiyohhhhh.. i damn "song" lorrrr... and fell asleep with my mouth opened slightly.. *blushes*

Let's see..
All the picit, then exfoliate, face+head+shoulder massage, then mask + back massage..
75 bucks not that expensive u know..
Mom went for facial at this Spa Amante at Bukit Tinggi, Klang sometime last month..
just for facial..

Anyway.. so this might be my monthly "treat-for-myself".. hehehe..

Oopss.. phone ringing.. gtg.


Big Boys Oven said...

walio! so nice man!

Michelle said...

come come.. i help u do..
inclusive of brazilian wax also..
ok ok??