Friday, March 28, 2008

all alone in midvalley for 6 hours

What am I doing at this moment??

Sitting here at Starbucks, MidValley..
Sipping hot chocolate, watching people walking by..
Getting all the peace and quiet that I so needed..
Pressing my laptop keys, cracking my brain for good design..
Surfing my daily sites, chatting with my msn-mates..

psst.. will update at the end of the day..
i makan chendol just now for breakfast.. tee-hee-hee..

At the end of the day.. i'm back wireless in d'lish.


Well, well... I went out with Raymond last night.
We watched this movie "Deadly Ghost" at Jusco BukitRaja.
Some Thai ghost movie... hmm.. *doubting*
I was like desperately persuaded and begged and nagged to watch this movie with him..
I told him it looked damn eerie..but he said... just give it a try..
He longed for horror or ghost movie for quite some time d..
but his gf never wanted to watch with him..
so he moved on to force beg his best friend *points at myself* to watch with him..

The movie sucked to the very max ok.. or mayb we are both stupid..
I don't get the storyline.. the plot just din connect..
It sucked!! the freaking ghosts were not even creepy or freaky or scary..
so fucking FAKE!!! hate it la.. seriously.. nabeh him~
He so totally regretted making this decision to watch this NABEH movie.

I'm not even bothered to put up the trailer or any links to it. 'cos it SUCKED!!!!!
don't go watch it.. don't waste ur money for it..

UGH! *digusted* KAPUIKS!!

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