Sunday, March 16, 2008

another "kind" of shopping

Went furniture shopping in PJ-Damansara area with Bernadine today.
For these few show-house projects that we're working on right now.

I was early.
While waiting for her to pick me up from TheCurve, i went to powder my nose and "wee-wee" laaa DUH!! then camwhore a bit lor.. *giggles*
'cos I was wearing my new heels (from Bangsar that day)..
and nobody was in the loo.. so... ermm... hehehe..
(pix of it next post.. soon soon)

gimme a break la.. i'm quite short n fleshy la.. i know ok.. *grumbles*


Well well... a few shops were nice.. some were quite horribly cina-pek.
Sales are on now.. due to the F1 race thingy.. till end of this month..
So quite a number of nice furnitures or upholster or anything lar.. were quite cheap and reasonable..

I really quite like the JIA in Damansara Perdana though their stuff were quite slightly higher. 3 storey showhouse with a wide range of deco styles n furnitures..
Their chairs.. nice nice.. especially those "plasticky" expensive kind which are quite IN now..

Would you like spend 1 grand plus for a piece of chair? A nicely designed chair??
Not those few twenty or thirty designer chair lar.. got a lot of replica nowadays.
The cheapest I saw today was 450bucks per chair. *gasps*

Buying a new house ain't easy 'cos it's fucking expensive.
Renovating n refurbish the house is even WORST.
(if u really want nice things lar, who doesn't?? then hav spend money lar~!)

Fella Design (above) You'll see it on your left before you reach Eastin.
Their French Classic-Modern stuff are pretty neat.. but pricey la.. DUH!

Homelife and a few more along Old Klang Road were ok lar..
Of all furniture that I've look-see-look-see today.. i love the most is.. this (below)..

Kids' bedroom set. SOooooo cute....
The living set.. hehehe.. told Berny.. *laughs*
"Next time, li'l Michelle sit here.. li'l Yvonne sit there and li'l Berny sit another side sipping tea n gossiping.."
hahaha... got single, double and 3-seater samo..
They have in other colours and.. in flowery patterns too..
Those colourful "palm-couch" are quite comfy though they're not that pleasant looking for me.. hehe..

And what I HATE most is..

No offense to the designer lar..
mayb he/she thought it will be cool that the middle long thingy that popped out to the top is actually a lightbulb thingy. For you to switch it on if u'r so-called reading n resting on it.. bleh.. Sorry I boh SUKA.. see also won't go lie on it..
I mean.. EIU.. the whole thing just look.. EIU!!!! *gags*
EH not cheap ok!!

A few more shops then we hit The Curve.
Lunch at almost 3pm. Bounced into Secret Recipe.

My Oreo Milkshake.
Sweet nehhh.. too sweet.. Should have ordered chocolate..

(above) My Thai Fried Rice c/w TomYam Kung.
(below) Berny's Dory Fish with Lobster sauce.

Went Harvey's.. then walk walk walk again.. Really "people-mountain-people-sea".
till we spotted FLOWERSSS...

Pink roses, white n hot pink daisies. 80bucks.

This bouquet is really really nice.. Nice colour combination and wrappings..
That purple-ly white flowers were something we don't see everyday..
I mean at least not me.. so we just asked the florist..

She said, "Named Carnation Spray.. 3-3.50 per stalk"

WOw.. Not bad huh.. A dozen of red roses and carnation spray as side kicks..
Whole bouquet for 80 bucks.

Ms Bernadine Lao. hehe. Couldn't help it~ *grins*

Girls who cakap that they don't like flowers.. bla bla bla right??... FAKERS!!!
Flowers always does the trick.. ALWAYS.. how also sure "touch" a bit 1..
I'm talking bout bouquet(s) ok.. not one-sick-sad-wrapped-up-stalk..
Depending on how big, how many, how nice, how matching n etc etc etc..
and whether YOU as a GUY can get to dig her favourite flowers out, chucked some creativity in, throw your magic-love-dust a bit to sweep her off her feet or not.. *winks*

Red roses are my "common" favourite..
Unable to find another flower that match that FULL PASSION level of red roses.
one unwrapped long stalk of red rose also lift me up a bit.. a bit lar!! hahaha..

At the end of the day... stupid new heel and too much walking caused this!!!

not dare to burst the bubble me.. hehehhe
OK lar.. gonna ebay some things.. *waves bye-bye*

oh yea.. did i mention....?

I bought another pair of heels today?

-_-" Oopss..

Nite. xoxo



Big Boys Oven said...

you buying me one?

Michelle said...

one rose??? ok!!!
wht colour? LOL~

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