Saturday, March 01, 2008

flowers + water = ???

Well, well... tea anyone??? *slurps*

Dad n mom love drinking tea.. 'cos they don't take coffee or milk.. or.. anything sweet..
but u know.. ages climbing up.. caffeine is a no-no for them..
normally, they just like stuff that don't taste nice to me... *giggles then gags*
almond.. walnut "juice", oats, soya and anything healthy la..
Super duper health-conscious!! *whines*
Make drink caffeine beverage by 6pm.. she'll turned into a zombie by night..

Frequent trips to the organic shops, mom started to pick up on flowers..
She's so nosy sometimes..
that she bought this "necklace" thingy made out of some stone or something..
i'm not so clear of that though..
Well, to test if the things she is going to buy, are genuinely organic a not..

OK ok.. back to the tea.. they're all organically proven..
No caffeine.. no nothing dangerous to health.. i think.. hehe..
So everynight.. almost everynight.. 1 or 2 glasses of hot flower tea..
NICE TO SLEEP WEYYyy... or mayb i'm too tired lately..
it won't have that bitter taste at the end of ur throat..
like when u drink pu-er or other chinese tea..
very refreshing and relaxing.. NO LIE U OK!!

Flowers are like.. ermm..
roses, jasmines, carnations, sometimes lavender, passion plum,
and some leaves that I've got no clue at all bout their names..
mom told me in chinese what hua hua, yeh, yeh.. hahahah...
I guess.. some are like citrus, darjeeling... maybe?
Each flower brings own "definition"..
like.. good for this.. good for that.. good for etc etc etc..

A light yellow aromatic "water".. works well either HOT or iced..
You can mix it all together.. or just by "singles".. hehe get it?

I love flower tea.
Kinda stopped on coffee though i was a black coffee maniac years ago..
nowadays.. heart pumped damn fast whenever I have coffee.. *scared*
I always order mint tea.. if not.. blackcurrant tea..
if not... just plain iced H2O pls..

p/s: Mom so freaking happy 'cos pretty Yvonne bought back like sooo many pretty nice red rose tea for her from Taiwan.. Genuine and authentic. *jumps up and down* I mean she.. not me.


Big Boys Oven said...

Wow this is interesting! Is that your secret to youthfulness?

Michelle said...

hahah not secret ok..
and moreover im still very youthful!!!! lol