Sunday, March 30, 2008

started & ended with "HER"

This "sambung" from the previous post..

Where i wasted happily spent like 6 hours in MidValley yesterday..
for?? this girl lor.. Yeee-bon. I mean Yvonne. *grins*

Some pix we took after our dinner (pix way below)
Camwhoring in dressing rooms. Hehhe.. Nice dresses rite??
But we ended up din buy any.
Fartching sadcase.. overspent la me. Gotta start saving.. *whines*
But I really like that dress. The last one. 189 bucks.

Ticking back time.. before camwhore started..
After Midvalley to Bangsar, we headed to Sunway Pyramid for dinner at TGIF.
Last minute decision. As usual.

1. Buffalo wings
2. Cajun Salad
3. Prawn + Chicken Diablo Pasta
4. TGIF Sundae

Ehhhh... dessert pix leh??? Where's that sweet sundaee????
Ya'know I was so expecting chocolate sundae 'cos the pix look like chocolate DUH..
but mana tau came.. vanilla..
i hate vanilla.. ok ok just in case i offend vanilla-lovers.. i DISLIKE vanilla.. -_-"

Ok ok.. never mind tat.. so where's our sundae??

...looking around...





where huhhh???



money money said...

i miss buffalo wings so much~~~~

Michelle said...

hehe miss wings or the buffalo? lol
come back soon rite?? we go kerbau the wings again lor.. hehe