Sunday, March 23, 2008


Helpppp me..
I can't find this song in mp3.
Lin You Jia 林宥嘉 - 那首歌

Very nice lar.. YES.. the song.. and the guy too.. I only know his name is Yoga.. *blushes*
I'm not hogging on him that much.. just still a little but I can't deny that he's farking good-looking.. but he's not my cup-of-tea.. BUT no harm watching lengchai sing until soooo emotional right??? hehe..
You guys can youtube him out.. he sang a number of quite-vocally-good songs..

How i got to know him??? Yvonne!!!! *chuckles* definitely that girl.. hahaha..


Anyway.. been walloping tons of mulberries today..
Sweet, sour and bitter..
Sounds like life huh?? Oh well..

I can't help but to not putting this up..
Though i'm like SO banana.. but still this song... (above vid)
The lyrics... fuuuuhhhh TOUCHING SIAL.. *sob sob*

不知道为了什麼 忧愁它围绕著我
我每天都在祈祷 快赶走爱的寂寞

你要我听这一首歌 用这首歌离开我
她唱的太美了 歌词却很伤人

爱人的话不需要重 轻轻的说我就懂
接你的车来了 表示爱到站了
我站在十字路口对抗心痛 一个人

你的黑发 现在睡进谁的胸口
你的唇 现在跟谁要温柔
一开始你爱我 最后你放弃我
还要用千言万语 说得委屈 你有多难过

爱牢牢抓紧我 恨深深包围我
你要我为你好 快赶走爱的寂寞

Ok lar. Tons of work to do now. Yes I know it's late. Damn.
Just curi-tulang to blog a bit crap here.
So i'm out.


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