Friday, March 14, 2008

too much food in a day..

Ok okay.. this post is alllll about FOOD!!!!
that I had in ONE day... hahaha... yesterday lor..
Super food.. Reasonable price and fabulicious.... *licks*

I don't take breakfast.. so...

afternoon = lunch

This steamed-fish-head little "restaurant" near my school, Cheras.
Heard it was pretty famous wor.. It was my second time here.
Quite full every lunch when we were there, or we passed there.. or we parked our car nearby.. always full though the "restaurant" is quite a small shabby one.

UCSI, Cheras has a new campus which is the previous Wisma FIT, Taynton area..
Before the main entrance of this new campus which is on your left, there's a small lorong on ur right.. just turn in and you'll see cars parked behind that row of houses..
On your left.. u'll see this little pondok-kinda-feel restaurant.. hehehe..
(me kinda bad in giving directions, hor?)
Anyway.. you won't be able to see this restaurant from the main road.. it's like surrounded and hidden by all the backlanes.. *grins*

Let's see.. It was almost 1pm. Break for lunch. Tutorial at 2pm.
Me, Tess, TengWai, ZiuHong, Sinyi and Eng.
6 of us hunting for a good lunch.

(above) Eventually I'm not sure this dish in English.
Some bean-sauce.. I guess.. *blushes*
(below) A simple garlic steamed fish-head.

(way above) We definitely need "GREEN-LEAVES" on our table. *grins*
(above) Their special fried seafood tofu.
(below) Stewed Pork. I din't makan this.

Anyway, overall food was okay. Not bad.
But that old uncle whom we ordered from.. don't really estimate the helpings..
Only 6 of us. Bloody 2 halves of 1 HUGE fish-head.
When he intro, we thought it might be 2 smaller fish-head since only a few of us and with other side-dishes as well.
We ate and ate until we were like fully bloated. I din't even finished my rice.
Din't know fish can be that filling.. and satisfying.. hehehe..

Bill came up to 75bucks.
Cheap yeh?? *thumbs up*


night = dinner

Last week we went Korean BBQ, at Desa Sri Hartamas.
(Yvonne havent pass me the pix yet)
This week we went to WIP, Bangsar Shopping Center.
You'll see the sign from the main road when you pass BSC.
Definitely won't miss unless you're blind din notice or something..

WIP stands for Work In Progress.
Yes.. that's the name. Serious. No lie.

5 of us. Me, Yvonne, HuayPin, JunWei and Alan.
We girls reached Bangsar like before 5pm..
Started shopping at Telawi Street till almost time for dinner.
Will blog bout it soon. So not gonna crap bout it now.

WIP features Western, Asian & North Indian food.
Wanna know more bout the interior n stuff.. click *here*

The exterior

HuayPin's Spaghetti Carbonara + Beef Bacon. RM 25
Good thick yummylicious sauce. Damn KAU.

Alan's Aglio Olio. Enough for him? Ya'thinkso? *giggles*

My North Indian Dish. Chicken Makanwala. RM25
Boneless chicken is cooked in a tasty tangy butter sauce
served with green peas and mushrooms masala,
raitha, crunchy papadum and salad with mango dressing.

JunWei's I-forgot-the-name-North-Indian-Fish-Dish. RM 25
Spicy sauce fish, served with okra masala,
raitha, crunchy papadum and salad with mango dressing.

All North Indian dishes c/w EITHER rice, naan or fries.

My Morrocon Mint Tea and their sponsored Evian water.
Yvonne's Smoking Chicken in her tummy d. Forgot to snap. Damn.

JunWei left earlier. Ought to fetch sibling.
Left 4 of us, crappin'. Everyone was kinda tired.
Look at our tired faces except the "someone" who took leave yesterday.. *snorts* Hehe

Great dinner. Not bad.
Worth a second visit. Crowd was so-so. Ambiance was great.
Good food. Good shopping and good night!!!!

YALA!!!! sibeh "camwhores". Wonder whose idea??
*points at the middle person*

shopping blog cominggg~~~


Big Boys Oven said...

Does that mean your work also in WIP? lol!

Michelle said...

do you hav to say that out LOUD?!?!?!
hahhahaha paiseh ok