Sunday, December 26, 2004

Another day just passed by. . . . .

Day2 of my blog..
nothing much happen today though.
hanging around at home.
went bought a cake late afternoon.
celebrated with my nanny.
it's her birthday today.
i almost forgot..
but fortunately i didnt..

i'm so tired.
hitting the bed now.

still... - Merry CHristmas -

Saturday, December 25, 2004

There's always a first time for everyone

It's Christmas.
Sitting around at home, doing absolutely nothing.. and waiting for my results, gonna reached my postbox by next week. Darn, my heart skipped a beat. I really scared of failing this time.
First time I have such low confidence, well coz I know I somehow screwed up my final presentation.

I woke up pretty late this morning.. Missed a lunch date.
Suppose to meet up with my cousin bro and go jogging but it rained cats and dogs. Damn
Back home, I started surfing on mystical crap, witches, goblins..
I have this 'thing' with myth.. Fairies and Elves are magical and mystical and
I know most people don't believe it. I don't even know if they exist or not.. some believe in the magic of the fairies and Elves that they think their life will be enriched by it also.

Today. A day that didn't go exactly the way I wanted but it was pleasant and was kept away from crowd, end up curling on bed with a good book & drift to the small world that belongs to only ME...

For starters..
"Beauty is not in the face...Beauty is a light in the heart"