Sunday, May 11, 2008

the jealous potion

I went to Sekinchan last Saturday to attend my cousin's wedding.
Like I said before, my mom is really a health-conscious freak.
She has been making a lot of those fruit enzyme drinks and vinegar for us to drink.
Learning from experts and often visits to the organic shops..
She's really addicted to make all these healthy stuff.

Her friend told her there's a organic shop and a vinegar yard in Sekinchan .
We reached Sekinchan around like 3pm,
went to my aunty's house to duduk duduk.. then too many people there..
we went out to look for this shop, since the wedding dinner starts at 6.30pm.

It's very easy to find though.
Sekinchan not a big place.. just head to the town area where most of the shops are.
I not sure how where exactly it was actually.. u can check out at the add where this post ends.

The shop facade. (above)
The shop interiors. (below)

Vinegar Yard serves as a typical kind-of cafe.
Just mainly everything is bout vinegar.
Not those vinegar u put in sharkfin.. sour stew pork leg.. or in normal cooking kind..
But healthy vinegar that you keep in store with the right ingredients..
under the right atmosphere and temperature.
And to store for months accordingly to what ingredients you put in.
And and and... the person making it.. must be in a happy and calm mood. Serious!
If not the vinegar will not be in good state n must throw away in order to not hurt ones health.

Once you walked into the interior, u will smell a thick stench of sour vinegar.
After a while, u will soon get used to it.
They served lunch sets inclusive of the food prepared in vinegar.
They have vinegar blended drink, vinegar cold and hot beverage.
In a very reasonable price.

Vinegars are kept in big jars and bottle, kept in the special-designed-room.
With the right temperature and no one is allowed to enter unless the cafe owner's permit.
I duno how many of u will actually believe it.. but I do.
I have been drinking these vinegar in all sorts of flavour for like almost a year.
Everything in organic. The fruits, the herbs, the nuts and beans..
All the ingredients must be organic in order for better results.

Don't get ur noses all wrinkled up.. it does taste good ok... trust me!!!

Why I said it's good for health 'cos depending on what kind of vinegar u drink..
Lemon, pineapple, aloe vera, japanese nato beans, herbs etc etc..
It will like reduce ur body fat percentage, lower down cancer chances,
cholesterol and many more..
Aiya don believe go try for urself... go speak to the cafe owner. Miss Chia G.H.
She's very nice. Giving us a try of most of the vinegar she did.
Very patient in explaining to us the pro and cons.

I mean in the market now.. there's plenty of ppl making this vinegar and selling it.
So it's up to us to think think think which kind is actually better for us.
My mom, this addict.. hahahaha did her own readings and researches and really believe this lady's vinegar. Go try try k.

The staff extracting the dragonfruit leftovers from the vinegar. (below)
Can be used to make dragonfruit snow mountain.. hehe like those u can get in KimGary.

To find it.. it's just opposite this Sekinchan Organic Shop.

Address : No 163, Jalan Haji Jamil, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel : 03 3241 8618
Mobile : 012 3028 323
Email :

Have fun!!!
Especially those who eat out a lot..
All those oily n MSG stuff.. Sigh.
Go try k!!!
Trust me. It's genuine.

And I don't get any commission to intro u guys this ok.
I just wan to share good deeds with yalll!!!!






squall said...

so special...all is vinegar...

team bsg said...

we pass by this stretch pretty often means may one day meet your lovely healthy mom ! haha
yr dearest mom might have a good point there but pls remind her she still got to do the other 9 things diligently to achieve the ok, for more...check...

oh we ain't doctors just funny gluttons with a G

Big Boys Oven said...

can I have some of your love potion! lol!

Michelle said...

squall - yup.. very special indeed.. never knew vinegar can taste this nice..

team bsg - hehehe.. do drop by if u'r around tat area.. wont regret.. lol =P

bbo - no prob.. take alllll u want.. lol