Tuesday, May 20, 2008

just "heavily-padded" pannekoek??

Wooo.. i'm back to working (as in office-kind) today.
Yup. Back at Sri Hartamas.
Still kinda lazy feel. Not used to waking up so early. Hehehe...

Met up with Tess at The Curve just now for dinner.
Need to pass her, her bags that I helped her buy online.
She brought a friend along.. Chenguan aka FishBall.. who suggested Paddington.
Not boyfriend laaaa... hahah later she kill me for simply cock crap in my blog.
Tee hee hee..

Let's see what we ate.
Celebrate my last day for tomorrow that going to be on tat four-letter-word.
Not FARK lar!!! nabeh brains la u guys.

From Tess's Morocco to his Oslo, lastly end up in my Tokyo...

Three bodoh cherry tomatoes sitting there by my mash.
End up still sitting there when the waiter cleared up.
AWww... sad sad cherry cherry tomatoess... They didn't taste normally good ok.

Food was great.
Mana tau... I guess I was too hungry..
Maybe 'cos ate a little for lunch only.. not even half of bowl.
Was at Wok Hei, Plaza Damas with Priscilla for KamHeong Fish Fillet rice.
They opened a new outdoor cafe.. not bad.. cheaper than the one inside.. serious.
Nabeh, my gastric gas added up.. make me puked like hell after 4 hours.
Ehh supposed to digest d rite??? Then why?? Hmm..
I'm gonna stop Paddington for months to come like how I quited on dough nuts.

I need a doctor.

Sorry that this post end up revolting. *grins*

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