Friday, May 16, 2008

Make me the Starbucks VIP??

Almost everyday I'm in Starbucks. Last week and last last week lar..
Same name Starbucks but in different location.
Sometimes even 2 Starbucks in a day. One in Subang, one in Damansara. =P
Not knowing why suddenly most of my appointments are in Starbucks.
Or.. friends wanna go Starbucks.. or it's just me craving for Starbucks.

Ooohhh.. i miss this girl. My "Miss Lame" Bernadine Lao.
Never mind. Gonna party with her like hell tomorrow night.
She can't wait.
Me neither. *laughs*

Wanna join? hehe



Barista Joe said...


Barista Joe

Michelle said...

wow... *blushes* my first barista kisses!! can I have like more more more???


erm.. joe who?

team bsg said...

me lah sweetie, same starbucks