Sunday, May 25, 2008

wanting a new beginning

"We've never felt anything like this our whole lives."

Ain't the right time for tears to fall.

I'm blubbering with Chloe now in MSN.
She's my close friend since college times back in limkokwing..
Currently working in China as interior designer, of course.

We're now chatting bout the China earthquake. *here*
She felt it that day.. and it was horrible.. terrified..
a new experience that left her traumatized for days.

We're just talking bout it.. bout the news, the victims, the dead, the mourning..
Making me recall all the snippets of this incident I saw lately on news and papers..
Gosh man... i just couldn't help tear-ing.

Was watching the news with mom the other day.
Both of us were like waterbags.. sobbing man...
Really really really sad... crying none stop..

"She couldn't help him. She could only encourage him. She'd call his name."

"I lost everything. I lost my house and I lost my mother."

So unbelievable, I mean... the feelings are so indescribable..
The tremendous collapse, rubbles burying human alive..
trapping hundreds of others under schools, factories and houses..
Just sooooo merciless.. *sobs*
Making us feeling so small and helpless as nature strikes to kill us all..
So cruel.. in a minute, killing thousands. Tragic tragic.
Look at the pix man.. soooo sad.. i just went all out..

How a man have to saw his leg right on the spot straight away in order to save his life..
How children getting skin diseases due to the earthquakes..
How they got buried alive within seconds..
How their feelings change all of the sudden..
How a mother died, protecting her baby, leaving him all alone in this world with only one very meaningful sms.. I do love you.
How sacrifices are made with no hesitation..

How the number of dead increasing every minute..
How helpless they are watching their loved ones just die..
How anxious and scary it must be wondering if those buried will ever be found n alive..
How an elderly woman mourns as her grandson is buried under the debris..
How the death of kids outnumbered..
How they look at the debris of collapsed buildings with mixed emotion..
How a grandfather places a photo of his grandson at a shrine in the ruins..

"As long as there was a slightest hope, we should make our effort
a hundred times and we will never relax,"
Premier Wen Jiabao said outside the collapsed school in Juyuan.

“I miss my parents a lot,” said Luo Yuwen, the 10-year-old.
“I haven’t seen them yet, and I don’t know whether they’re safe or not.

The thing I wanted to do most was to get away from that place.”

Parents hold photos of their children who were killed in last week's deadly earthquake are seen during a memorial service at a primary school in Mianzhu, in China's southwest Sichuan province Friday May 23, 2008.

Parents held a memorial ceremony for the more than 130 students killed when their school collapsed in the massive earthquake on May 12, 2008.

"I am particularly saddened by the number of students and children affected
by this tragedy,"
President Bush said in a statement.

This pix (above) caused me to suffer from "instant heavy downpour".
I was so emo and got very devastated.

Passes and school bags of students who were killed in last week's deadly earthquake are seen during a memorial service at a primary school in Mianzhu, in China's southwest Sichuan province.

I really can't take it that how the parents holding the photos of their children who were killed. I just tak boleh tahan.

Imagine that feeling..
Imagine if that's ur son..

Imagine if that's ur daughter..

Imagine if that's ur friend..

Imagine if that's ur father..
Imagine if that's ur mother..
Imagine if that's ur loved one..
Fark man!!!

Find this whole situation very depressing.
Very very down-hearted to be exact.
I watched. I cried. I donated. I cried. And I cried again.

This vid makes me sad all-over again.
Nice song tribute to the earthquake victims.

I'm not trying to be drama here or LOA. I took hours to post this up. *sobs*
I just want to share how I feel.

Like how Chloe and I ended our chat,
"We're just really very grateful of our everything again, twice, triple, hundruple-ly."


crying again. damn emo now. nite.

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