Thursday, May 08, 2008

tension+stressed all waved by

The crit pix finally up.
just recovered myself from the 6 hours blackout!!
teaching me a very valuable lesson on how i really really love the person..
who invented air-cond.. ok fine.. the fan-man too...
arghh.. or better said the electricity-founder. *rolled eyes*

Called TNB several times to file a complaint..
keep telling me.. after an hour or two... that an hour or two never came..
why? cable explode?? I almost sarcastically ask did anyone died?!! *swears*
Worst... my neighbours all got electricity.. just like my house the pitched black one.
then TNB fella told me... cos we're sharing the different cable.
Wow.. thanks for like making me feel like some sort of VIP.

I tried to sleep but I was so drenched in sweat.
So frustrating. n my mobile battery went flat.
And you know.. Anger can make one go KUKU.


Internal Crit Day
Last Friday. May 2, 2008.

Internal Crit simply means a critique session/our final big presentation for the semester where the panels of judges will be our own department staff. Not including our studiomaster.

Our class project for this semester was actually to design a gallery + office + resource center for the new collaboration of MSID and IPDM = IDAM, Interior Designers Association Malaysia.
Seniors supposed to design the whole layout.
Juniors to design our cafe and lobby area.. and also the main facade.
So technically, one senior to work with 2 juniors.
Me with Jasmynn and Ezu. Eng with Tess and Chris.

Jasmynn's (my junior team-mate) facade model. (above)
And she again, pinning her boards up on the drafting tables. (below)

Chris's crit session time. (above)
Mine and Eng's boards. Mine at the bottom. Only we both were seniors. (below)

Internal Crit day was much more horrifying than External Crit.
Somehow our own lecturers are much more a BOMBer than outsiders.
Or issit we took it much more personally when our own lecturers shoot us with no mercy?


External Crit Day
Last Tuesday. May 6, 2008.

External Crit = critique session/our final big presentation for the semester where the panels of judges will be industrial professionals, architects, or other institutions' lecturers.
Not including our own lecturers and studiomaster. And free refreshment & lunch are served.

Only three studios presented today.
Us - seniors ID Year 3 and Year 2 students.
Final architecture year students.
And year 2 architecture students - juniors.
Others not sure when.

Our studio all prepared for the crit. Waiting for panels to come in.
My boards remained the same. Lower part of the white board.
Need not for me to upgrade it but Eng did.

Clean and well-arranged by us obviously. (above)
Ezu attentively looking at Tess's boards (below)

Ezu's (my team-mate junior) facade model. (above)
Chris's facade. Colorful lehh.. hehe (below)

A short-walk vid around my studio during Chris's crit.

Architectural Year 3 Students studio.
Ziu Hong and Teng Wai's.

Architectural Year 2 Students.
Very good in models.
Juniors with their KUAT semangat.

Ok. This semester all over and done with.
Crits and reviews were good.
Constructive comments to keep up.
Hopefully I pass and next semester will be my last study semester.
All's good? Yay good.

Nite peeps.
3.25am d.


Big Boys Oven said...

you did a great job!

Michelle said...

Thank you thank youuuuuu~~ *gleefully*