Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*whooshhhh* went my heart

This morning I almost died. Mati. KongKiao. Si.
Was driving to work, using NKVE highway to Hartamas.
A car in front of me slowed down.. so i tekan brake sikit lor..
Thank god, duno why less cars this morning.
Mana tau tak makan.. I was like wtf?? Lucky I was only driving at the speed of 90.
Slowly driving towards the emergency lane.. eventhough I tekan kuat kuat until 20.
But the oil was like still pumping kuat.. and car still moving..
I was soooooo freaked out that I just stopped the engine.. pulled out the keys, pulled my handbrake. Sat there stunned for like a minute.. My mind was lagging..
and muttered, "What am I going to do now? What am I going to do now?"
Call dad call dad call dad... was the answer..
ok okok.. I called dad.. then called my boss then called the tow truck.

Nabeh.. make me wait for like 1.5 hours for help to come lor!!
Baking in the car!! Breezing with lorries..... *kapuiks*
I was like at NKVE highway, 2km from the Subang exit.
The tow-fella couldn't find lor.... nabehhh.. he went to Federal instead.
He said he duno where is NKVE highway... when he finally came.. he said..
"Ohh.. cakap lar.. bukit raja highway!!"

SIBEH NABEH LOR!!!! -__-""


Second scenario let me cerita..

AA went to this superdupermarket to make some Apricot Jem orders.
After long consideration and discussion with Diva Rabbit..
all settled to go for Apricot Jem since it was cheap n yum-yum for all..
So this "taster", let's call him Musang are supposed to buy the Apricot Jem for Diva Rabbit. So AA suppose to go along to make sure that the right ingredients are chosen for the Apricot Jem. So AA, Diva Rabbit and Musang held hands and sing song to the supermarket lor.

Ok. So hor.. when reached the superdupermarket, Musang's friend..
All ready for booking the Apricot Jem d...
Mana tau.. the superdupermarket JAGA came n say.. why apricot??
Apricot don't taste good one.. why don't want try strawberry?
Mangosteen also not bad?? why la you want apricot?
Apricot got a lot of duck-duck-ayam-ayam complain d..
When stock come.. not good 1.. always got prob.. when 2004 time hor.. etc etc..

So all also heart jump-jump a bit liao lor..
Not sure whether still want Apricot Jem a not..
Suddenly Musang got things to do.. Not free.. Left others stranded there.
So left AA and Diva Rabbit to choose another Jem lor..
Look see look see look see.. But still Apricot Jem taste the best..
but due to complaints and disagreement from the JAGA.. nobody want to take the risk.
AA was burning pissed.
Diva Rabbit was tired.

End up, AA and Diva Rabbit have to take the Raspberry Jem lor.
'cos the superdupermarket JAGA die-die say Apricot Jem sucks.
and adding in, "Who's gonna be responsible if Apricot Jem turns out sour after purchase?"

So the moral of the story is...

Apricot manufacturer sure say Apricot Jem nice mar...
Strawberry manufacturer sure say Strawberry Jem nice mar...
Kaya manufacturer sure say Kaya Jem nice mar...
Blueberry manufacturer sure say Blueberry Jem nice mar...
Who so stupid go say opponent's Jem better than own??
Sure support sendiri mar... or support the one that u earn most from...
If not, wait for gulung-tikar meh??

So the best is make up ur mind what Jem you like to eat??
Don't let ppl easily influence you.. Stick to what u want.
the best is... don't let too many ppl to make one simple decision.

Lucky Diva Rabbit is a good rabbit.
Very good indeed.
AA was very grateful.



team bsg said...

u got it babe. team bsg. no frills. straight in. stop fast 2. all you need , all the time

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ouch..thats must b fren told me once his engine died while driving..thats prob jsut as heart attacking..

thankfully no accident..touch wood!