Sunday, May 18, 2008

cili? pedas sial...

This was like long ago.. weeks ago..
Went KLCC for HomeDec exhibition with Yvonne and Bernadine.
After several consideration, we decided to have Chilis for dinner.
Thanks to Berny for standing there and Q-ing up for us to get a table. *mwah*

I can't decide I like TGIF more or Chilis more..
But I think TGIF is cheaper.. hehehe


The camwhores popping to Poppy.

Yeah.. we went Poppy again.. for Berny's and Alan's bday.
Two dong-dongs celebrating together.. but more like Berny was having a blast..
None-stop moving around.. never see her so active in work.. lol
That BONNIE.. hahahah *inside joke*

Poppy is kinda boring d. Need to change venue next time. Suggestions people???

p/s: Ignore my pver-rounded face. Thanks. -_-"


team bsg said...

don't tink can get over your overround face anytime oversoon.
after overall its roundly beautiful
V R sure theres something even better

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow.I miss Malaysia Chilis so much!
>< If compare to TGIF, i still prefer Chilis ( although abit expensive =s)