Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This was like long time ago... 1 November I think... if not mistaken
Remember I did mentioned that I was excited bout some potluck?
Well, here are the pix.

A random sudden potluck we've planned cum Yvonne's bday "party"
Venue at HuayPin's house. ,
Attended by me, JunWei, Alan, HuayPin, Yvonne, Natasha-ChuiHong, KokHau.

Pix and pix all the way down.
Define them yourselves k. *grins*
I'm in a rush to... sleep rest.

Preparation at home...



Potluck starts...

Alan and his pork chops..

HuayPin's Okonomiyaki..

My assorted sushi and salsa sauce.
I forgot to snap the tortilla chips. My bad.

JunWei's Teriyaki Chicken, Popiah and TauFuFah..



Yvonne's Blow Cake "Ceremony"...

I ordered these cupcakes on line. Garden fairies theme.
Adorable nice cupcakes from

All clean and done. Slacked around in the tv room then.
Cracking lame jokes.
Not so great food but great company. Hehe.


Somehow I have this secret talent to make myself look sibeh aunty sometimes. Ugh.
Sigh. It was a tired day earlier.
Anyway I am tired now.
I think all I crapped bout lately was how tired I was/am/going-to-be..

More in my facebook album.

*spreading love....*

where are youuuu


Big Boys Oven said...

hahaha nice cupcakes and a very nice place to be also! heheheh

Michelle said...

hahahah yeahh....
ur cupcakes more "pro" okay..
rich in taste.