Friday, November 21, 2008

Natasha's Wedding

I just came back from Nat's hen night.
I posted up all the wedding dinner pix.
Enjoy if you must. Hehe.. I'm crapping at this hour.
My bad.

A candid pix you see (below)..


Well, another friend entered a new phase of life...

*beams* Congrats to Natasha & Boon Way.
Boon Way is my high school senior.
Nat is my friend since primary school.
10 fingers also not enough to count how long we have been friends.

Eight years!! Holy cow...
A relationship for 8 years... and tying their knot now...
Cool. I really wonder how these people can "pak toh" for soooo long... Keng.

These pix were all taken last Friday.
Her wedding dinner (the bride's side) was at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam.
The dinner food... ALL VEGETARIAN.
I was pretty excited to go... 'cos I've never been to a ALL-VEGAN wedding dinner before.
Not bad. An experience to taste.

Well, tomorrow will be 出嫁 "marry-away" day.. 8 of us will be her 姐妹 "ji-muis"..
Already got all the props ready for the door games tomorrow. Hehe.

The Bride and her 姐妹(s)...
(from left) Yoke Wan, Yvonne, ME, Pin Chean, Yaya,
Natasha (bride), Voila, Fee Fee and Huay Pin

Dinner was nice.
It was like a mini reunion with my high school juniors.
'cos Nat's younger sister was from my high school too..
hence, she invited her classmates too.. hehe..
MHS Klang ain't a big school... only 280+ student from Form 1-5..
So... back then.. it was like.. everybody know everybody in school.
Every tiny dirty gossip will travel to each and every mouth.. *exaggerates* LOL!

Then again... another story was... camwhores will still be camwhores!!
Jerome... don't you agree?? Camwhore you too rite?? hehe

Before wedding, in the car.

After wedding, in the powder-room.





Ehhhh... this was CANDID too ok!!!
Thanks to Yvonne SIAO CHAR BOH!!

Alright. Gotta hit the bed.
Need to wake up like 6am in the morning...
and rushed off to Nat's house at Shah Alam.
The groom will be reaching like around 8 am.. Early yeh?!
So better go sleep now.. if not...
instead of 8 姐妹.. i think there will be like 8 pandas standing by the gate...

loe is in the air..

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