Thursday, November 06, 2008

an airhead date

Sigh. Here goes.

We went to Sony's. I wanted to check out a SE phone. Particularly c902.
So we went together. As in she teman me.

When I was making some inquiries on one of the phones that caught my attention...
but sadly the price did not.. quite dearly.. *grim*
or should I get Nokia N66?? I like that white version... sizzling hawt.

Anyway.. I heard her talking to another sales person..

She: "Ada Nokia telefon tak sini?"
Him: Takda.. sini semua hanya barang-barang Sony.
She: "OH??... ermm.. kenapa takda ya??" *looks around*
Him: *forcing to smile politely*
She: "LG ada?"
Him: Takda miss.. sini sony saja.. takda brand lain..
She: "Then... Samsung? Motorola?"
Him: Takda miss.
She: *puzzled and walks off*

She came over to me, taps on my shoulder a little bit too hard...
and whispered... "Sucks la here.. what also don't have... only Sony sony sony.."
I rolled my eyes a bit tooooo hard and told her..
"Walk outside and look at the label on top of your head.."
She lagi replied to me that.."So? Put other brands in can die ar?"
"Alright then.. walk to my left and knock on the wall till ur head bleeds.."
Guess what.. she smacked my ass. Wtf. In public. ARghh!!

Difficult la this charboh.
Oh well. She's still my friend. Love her dearly. Sometimes.

Hey. I am thinking of starting a boutique online.. more known as blogshop?
I've been blogshopping for days.. buying some things that I wont even second glance..
Hmm... what you guys think ya? Can be done?
Comments and suggestions people, k?!?

Been in and out of school and out and in of home..
Will try to blog more.. Promise.


tired d.. sobs


backstreetgluttons said...

one of us can do Zen Cart online store with own domain name and hosting like eg under RM1000 for you. with credit card , paypal the whole works. interested or not ?

Michelle said...

hey cool!!!
but i need to work it out and will see if it can be done a not..
then only will decide...
thanks for the great tip..