Wednesday, November 19, 2008

three lady(s) marmalade

I have not been slacking for sometime d.
So tired lately. Buzzing here and there.. Sigh.
Will be back soon to have more frequent updates..
Received complains for not crapping so much in here lately.
I'll find time k.

I have like almost 200 over pix to arrange n edit to get them all posted up.
Will doze off first after this post.. 'cos my eyes are like soo droopy now. *yawns*


Went dinner with Priscilla and Bernadine after work today.
Berny suggested Marmalade Cafe at Plaza Mont Kiara.
I love it.

We had such a great time crapping, doing some catching-up, laughing n dining of course..
Been ages (approx 1 month?) I din see her spanky face.
Guessed I must have missed her more than I thought. *lesbo-faced*

Anyway, I have always love Marmalade Cafe.
Love the interior, love the concept, love their desserts n scones n cupcakes n crumbles..
But I have never.. dine in before. Serious.
Never been to this outlet, except the one in Bangsar Village 2.
Never knew it existed here anyway. *grins*

It was indeed a good comfortable place to dine in n have decent conversation.
Why did I mention "decent" was...
The whole restaurant was not more than 10 people excluding the staff.
Possibly 'cos it was already off office-hours.. so hence it was pretty quiet..
And you know... with me and Berny around.. now lagi with Priscilla..
how can we sit together n shutting ourselves up.. err err...
or eating without sudden-loud laughter and giggles.. *rolled eyes* haahhaa..

Berny decided on the food orders while me n Priscilla were spacing out.
I was busy looking at the colourful n vibrant whimsical images on feature walls..
Observing what other people were eating.. and keeping up with hot topics on our table.
Nice plates, right? So homey.

We shared 3 dishes altogether.
Started of with a superb cheerful tummy warmers.. Salmon Avocado Frittata.
As cheerful as it looked, as cheerful as it tasted. Yum.
Up next, fettuccine in light carbonara gravy with pine nuts n various mushrooms.
Their version was much more better than Delicious, for my liking..

I really couldn't recall this dish. Well, I know it was chicken burger with fries...
Forgotten the real name d. Besides... I only glanced through the menu a few seconds.
Gotta ask Berny.. hehe.. The chicken patty was thick!! and very good.
Very unlike fastfood patties or TGIF's chicken breast... it was really nice.

Lastly, our sweet treat. Apple Crumble. It was bloody hell huge.
It was yummy but toooo sweet for my liking..
We couldn't even finish it. *laughs*

For full menu list, click *here*..

Oh well, I heard that this Marmalade Cafe was pretty much a great place to hang out..
If you have kids, this cafe is quite a "child-friendly" with its play area..
you can eat in the cafe and let the kids to draw whatever they like..
Once their masterpiece are done, the staff will display them on the glass panels.

Like it?

Let's hit it!!

Marmalade Cafe
Lot E-01-02, Block E,
Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

really need some beauty sleep like this instant

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