Sunday, November 09, 2008

as design "finals" by - part 3 -

Was supposed to post up bout my great homemade lunch this afternoon.
But.. got kinda busy with some school stuff..
So.. lemme put this pix up first...
then will "upgrade" it with more pix and.. maybe words, tomorrow or something..
Hehe.. *grins*

This was taken on the last day before exhibition+moderation.
After all our crit was done, we did some upgrade with our boards and drawings..
Pinned up again for some outsider people or internal panels to do our final marking.
So this is me.. with my final 10 A1 presentation boards and incomplete model. *grimaces*

I looked kinda grim here huh?
Hahhaa.. no idea whyy...
I looked worst now. Need to sleep.
Tomorrow goin back to school to help out with the PJ Hilton Xmas Train Project.


-ugh.. life is a big ass obstacle itself


Mitslanc Louis said...

Life really is full of 'busy'. It's like we work for nothing but to solve never-ending tasks.

Michelle said...

i know.
old sensitive man who sulks..