Saturday, November 08, 2008

let's steam a boat

Left office slightly late yesterday.
And I hate to go back to Klang just after working hours 'cos it will simply be jammed up..
Due to the stupid slow pigs fiddling with the blooody Klang bridge construction...
Really slow slow slow coaches working..
Work only in mornings and afternoons when the sun burnt their ass off...
so literally they worked slow...
And at night.. not one to be seen... go home and watch astro...
I was like swearing everytime I have to pass that damn bridge..
No matter what time of the day.. it bloody JAMMED!!! mayb not after 12am..

Okay.. enough of these irking complaints. Darn!! Grrr.. Pissed..
I mean... I can leave office at 6.30pm.. reached Klang Toll by 7.10pm...
but reached home after 8pm... it's like.. Wtf!~ *grunts*
Alright.. enough!!!! *taking long yoga-style-breath*

*swapping into a less agitated mood*

I went dinner with Priscilla after work.
Not knowing where to go or what to eat...
We ended up at Hartamas Shopping Center (Plaza Damas) again...
She suggested either we go for Jap or Steamboat..
I chose steamboat then... off we went to Eric's.

I've been to Eric Deli Paradise before for lunch...
never tried their steamboat before.. so well, trying to experience it a bit lor..
knowing it will be like.. DUH pricey.. haha..

Since only both of us, we order the smallest steamboat set.. for 2-3 pax..
68 bucks for 2.. adding those "plus-plus" and our "poh-lei" tea..
the bill came up till 82bucks.. hmm...

Starting of with the appetizer-of-the-night..
Seems different from time to time.. but it was always peanuts...
Peanut this.. or peanut that... peanutnutnut..

(above) Fresh Salmon Sashimi.. 4 pieces.
(below) Assorted "balls", etc etc...
Somehow i find it a bit weird to steamboat raw chicken wings..
AHhahaha.. thick fattening skin lar.... I'll choose "Pak Cham Kai" anytime..

(above) The so-called HongKong Yee Mee....
which i find it no difference than our local YeeMee.. hehe
(below) We got Superior Soup and their recommendation of "Ma-La" soup.
Superior soup was not bad... Tat crazy "Ma-La" was really bloody spicy..
Damn pedas.. and worst.. OILY. Regret. Should hav ordered the tomyam.
Or maybe i'm not quite a "Ma-La" fan.. *shrugs*

(above) Soups filled up.
And yes.. me and Pris bought the same white basket-bag together.
So we both have the same bag with the same color..then we go pasar together.. LOL
(below) My favourite. Like so favourite. I'm so so so so a bloody seafood FAN..
PRawns!!!! BIG!!! Long!! Wow! hahhahahha *drools*
I think you can succesfully asked me out for a date with just prawns.. ahhahahha nutty
Errr... paiseh the plate was a bit the splashy dirty.. Hehe..
EH.. eat steamboat mar ok!! GRR.. cut me some slack k.. LOL

Well.. everything was good.
Mayb the food was just okay.. but definitely "special" than those normal steamboats..
What abnormal was that.. the price lor!!!!

I don't mind to be back for 2nd visit or 3rd.. but not that often..
I won't complain much to have my steamboat in a quiet and a/cond atmosphere..
Better off with great companion. But it was really quite pricey.
Once int a blue moon ok.. if not.. sighhh.. tragedy..
later instead of getting my tummy filled with soup..
my bank account will be all souped out.. hahahaha lame joke

Then again, that area, that neighbourhood, that people, that status..

Lot G11 -G15 Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Desa Sri Hartamas
Phone: 03-62011154

Sleepy and hungry now. Damn

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