Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my emo blog-head

My new banner.. *grinz*
If I get new ideas.. i will design a new one.. from time to time.. =P

I "forced" Yvonne to check out my new template..
and she "forced" me to check out this site *here*
so I know what to get her for her upcoming birthday..
Bloody adorable and CUTE.. but sibeh expensive also..
I rather buy her a REAL CAT... *evil grin*
(because i want the phone for myself.. *mwahahahah*)

All she commented was.. "Eh.. your banner phrase damn suit u.. emo.."


Stupid Hello-MIAOMIAO fan.


Anonymous said...

cute kitty phone.
here got?

Michelle said...

i googled it.. i think it's only available in taiwan now.. =P

ZhongHao said...

Hey i like the boobies....
*yummy* *yummy*

Michelle said...

perv.. hahhaa..
go get implants lar.

money said...

big~.... hahahhaa