Friday, October 05, 2007

undies turned me on..

Dropped by Pyramid today after I left school with my finals stuff.
Din't know P2 (new extension Pyramid 2) was opened to public d.
Din really browse through there..
No time and no mood. Too tired d.

My real intention of going there today is....
hehehe... to use up my 25bucks TOPSHOP shopping voucher..
that Yvonne gave me before she left to be Miss Taiwan '07.
Yeahh.. it was the last day. That's why last minute rush..
(yes yes.. i know my si-lang attitude can't change one.. ok.. everytime keep it to the last minute... i know Yvonne will silently screw me while reading this.. but lately i really din step in any shopping malls except Jusco that Topshop is forever invisible there..)

I browse thru Topshop.. nothing to buy..
saw a nice skirt.. but only size 14 and 16.. sibeh huge..
Lagi-lagi.. bags?? not nice.. shoes??... yucks..
undies?? too hardcore rock.. clothes?? either tooo exxx.. or no size.. so.. nothing lor..
(yaya.. i know "someone" there saying i'm picky againnn..)

Then Miss Selfridge... nothing also.. 8restless d*
The dress I wanna buy previously.. my size all habis...
Earrings.. bracelets.. other accessories??
Too plastic-look d.. so i settled with their undies only lor..
the thongs this time are not nice.. too flirryyy..
the color.. tooo .. yucky till no words can describe..
(okok.. my salah k.. can't think of any "suitable" words.. my english jatuh standard lately)
I didn't get any too feathery or furry laces 'cos i dun wan anything furry to stuck under my *toot toot*.. very uncomfortable one..
Holding one after the other.. finally settled with this two.. hahhaa.. *blushes*

I know it's not sexy enough or come-fuck-me kind of undies.. but i like it..
cos the fabric is super nice to wear.. and touch.. hehe..
the blue is kinda thin and transparent at the back.. good for "air" purposes.. ahhahaha
ventilation larrr i mean.. wat u thinkinggg.. not FART okk.. rotfl
the polka dots are silky and adorable.. with a little ribbon at the side...
I like it lor.. like it lehh.. hehhe..

I din know buy 2 get 20%..
then addition to my 25bucks voucher..
the 2 undies are only less than 17 bucks..
hahahah good buy good buy.. *giggles happily*
if no discount.. these 2 of small cloth will cost me 52bucks.
DAMN. hahahaha.. so at least this rush trip was fruitful. *grins*

I got another 20% discount Topshop voucher.
Guess there will be another rushing-last-minute-shopping again...

*wondering what's the time now*

In few hours will be going to Bangkok Jazz with Huaypin, JunWei, Alan and KokHau. Can't wait. *beams giddily*

Aiks.. it's 8.35pm d. Haven't shower.. haven't makan.. haven't anything.. SIAO LIAOO...
Oh shit. What to wear? Huay just asked me this question via MSN. *bites lip*

Yawn. Sleepy d. How?

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