Sunday, October 07, 2007

Paul the new Pavarotti??

Bangkok Jam was great though.
As in a new refreshing breath of night-scene social activities... for me.. at least..
Never been to a live band pub like this.. (and the drummer was cute.. hahaha..)
not to mention those cheap street-side kind-of sexy aunty pubs in Penang.
Pics will be up once got it from HuayPin but not much though.

Ok guess whatever I'm gonna post below.. aint much of most people's interest..
err.. i guess lar.. *grins*
Not the cling-clang chinese one.. the English one.. hehe..

Was facebooking just now. My facebook profile click *here*
Came across this vid at my friend's profile.
Touching sialll... I shed a tear or two while watching it. *paiseh*
First audition clip. Singing Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma".

Paul Potts. His website *here*
The British Got Talent no-idea-which-year's winner.
Super cool weyyy i think..

Then again.. obviously professional Pavarotti (above) is the best lar...
sadly he passed away d.. *sobs*
But Paul's such an amateur in this field.. but again.. he's good.

This is the BGT Grand Finals' clip.
His voice.. shivers me down my spine.
One word.

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