Sunday, October 28, 2007

MCA "story-telling" Concert

Went to the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Culture and Arts Performance by MCA.
HuayPin was involved in the choir by her association Soka Gakkai (SGM).
HuayPin gave him two VIP tickets...
So my task was to teman KokHau there..

Show started at 6.30pm.
We arrived around 8 pm, minutes before Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting and party arrived.
Was not bad at first.. staring at some doofus's asses 'cos they couldn't just sit and watch..
they must stand on the chairs.. yes.. adults.. watching the pro lion dance performance..
like as if they were the lions jumping from one pole to the other.. *rolled eyes*

Soon.. within minutes.. it started to drizzle. We shifted to the back of the stadium.
Konon we got the perfect place.. the VVIP and VIP seats.. *weeee*
BUT we were in the middle of the field where we were about to get drowned in the stupid rain.
It got heavier and heavier.. ARgh. We shifted our seat for several times man..
From the middle to the end to the side. So din't really enjoy the whole show.. -_-
Gosh.. Some still sitting there in raincoats.. under their umbrellas..
ya.. the VVIP were all under the rain.. all the VVIPs..
look "superly" macho in the transparent yellow raincoats.

Look at the glittery floor. The tracks and the field were covered with plywoods.
Wet wet wet.

(above) Hahha.. somehow this reminds me of the Digi Yellow Man.
(below) HuayPin and her choir members..

Michael Wong @ Kuang Liang.. is sadly.. short..
Erra Fazeera taller than him.. hahaha
(below) it was still raining.. and when Michael walked out..
these bunch of "mushrooms" suddenly grew beside both sides of the stage.
at first they were standing by the side.. 'cos hiding from the rain..
Mana tau when Michael started to duet wit Era.. they just flew out and started screamingggg.

KokHau's macho jawline. HAHA..
Lastly.. main-main saje.. my flip-flops.
Conceptual.. O_0 *laughs out loud*

For the concert's vid.. click *here*


huaypin said...

hehehe.. thanks ar gee gee for coming and sitting thru the whole thing even when it rained throughout the whole event. Thanks for catching me red handed and "HIGHLIGHTING" me in that pic too.. hahahhaa.

Michelle said...

hahaha.. no probs.. siao po..
u'r so "catchable" ok with that hair.. hahah any more events coming up.. save me a ticket then.. =P