Saturday, October 13, 2007

malay-style-kenduri. RAYA!!!

Today is ALMOST exactly like last year *click*

Being a full-day maid + waitress was horrifying stressful.
From morning till night.. *massages right shoulder*
Seriously like we're the malays celebrating full raya-day..
just that we don't balik kampungs.
oh shit.. we ARE balik-ing mom's kampung tomorrow..
back to Sekinchan.. an hour half from Klang.. *worries my ass gonna hurt*

Anyway.. just a few pics..
No time to talk much bout it..
It's 10.25pm already.
Alan on his way to pick me up for yumcha..
With JunWei, FeiLing and HuayPin at Station1, Meru.
(why so much info? 'cos I know "somebody" wants to know.. hahahha)

mom's cooking results - clockwise :
Briyani rice, fried bee-hoon, rendang chicken, fried chicken, curry prawns,
indian-style assam fish pedas, steamed pork-ribs (middle)..
and dad bought a lemang for 12 bucks this morning..
Expensive ler.. i feel.. last year we bought only 8 or 9 bucks nia.
But this year's nicer.. more yummy and the aroma.. fuuwahhh... purrfect.

Err.. including my family of 5, around 15 people making noise in my house tonight.
I can hear the orang tua-tua yakking and laughing and gossiping at the living hall.
The kids playing and giggling around me.. TV blasting Transformers so loudly..
And the neighbours firing crackers again.. making my dogs barkkkk..

Aiyoooo.. Alan.. cepat sikit!!!
*faints.. noise pollution kau-kau*

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