Sunday, October 14, 2007

visit ah-mah today

Yawnn.. Very tired.
Slept at 4am last night.. dad woke me up at 8am to get ready balik kampong.
Only 4 hours of sleep.. WHERE GOT ENOUGH???

Reached gram's house just on time for lunch.
Makan makan makan. Talk talk talk.
Laugh laugh laugh. Play play play.
So many people today. All cabut back from KL.
Plenty of kids also. Let's see.. uhh.. I think.. around 12 kids running around..
Age from baby to 5 years old... excluding my siblings..
so you can imagine the NOISE of kids yelling, crying.. screechingg...
Adults lagi banyak.. 20+ people..
To describe the atmosphere.. one word..

(above) The Balcony.
I used to run so many times around with other cousins..
If naughty.. uncles threaten to throw us down. Damn. -_-
(below) Cousins and friends playing mahjong.
The guy in black is my cousin bro that I haven't seen for 2 years.
I think he's HOT.. but everyone thinks he's FAT already.. hahaha..
Did all the sign papers d and getting married next year. That girl is his fiancée.
(way below) Cousins' wedding photographs.
Two left - The eldest cousin brother.
Two right - 2 cousin sisters who are sisters.. hehe.

(above) Dad, Mom, Grams, Mom's eldest sister, Mom's sister's husband
My aunty and uncle lar.. Duh -_-
Only grandmother left. Others all 6 feet underground "hibernating" d. *missing them*
(below clockwise) Moi-who-just-woke-up, my-royal- highness-mother, Grams, daddy, little-eunuch-brother, maniac-sister-who-just-escape-from-the-asylum. *grins*
I LOVE THEM ALL LAR!!!! *serious face*

Okay... though it was horribly noisy.. I.. erm..
I really slept through the whole afternoon after lunch conversation in my cousin's room.
Really konked out. When I woke up, sudah nak balik. Hahaha..
Nevertheless, still a good day to catch up with all of them.

On the way back.. we passed by several paddy-fields.
Brother wanna check it out.. so we stopped by and I snapped a few pics lor.
Nice nice.. the feeling.. very calm.. cos all you see is just a bloody huge piece of green.
Serenity.. love it..
Sister said.. "Stay here forever lar.."
My reply was.. "I love it here but I love city life more.. so.. narhhh.."

Brother kacau with dad's new phone. So the pictures were a bit blurred..
Due to his bloody shaky hands too..
So. Ok. Habis cerita of-my-one-day-"longkai" in Sekinchan.

Gonna rain d. I mean the pic above. Hahaa..
Ok. It's gonna rain here.. in my house too..
Yay.. nice night to sleep. *stretches*

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