Monday, October 01, 2007

my birthday *update*

From *click here* to *click here*....
and to be continued... *below*

*grins from ear to ear*

After sooooo long.. since my birthday.. (Sept 5.. in case u guys bloody dare to forget)..
I got a present today.. "unexpectedly" from Junioco ChoonWeeThePerthDude..
Lagi he dare to call me yesterday..
"Hey charbohh.. when u free to come out to collect ur bday present from me??? I goin back Perth d lehhh.."

Haih. Sien. I samo kena ordered to go collect MY birthday present.
But anyway.. we met up today with HuayPin at Jusco for some grocery shopping and short tea at O-Town with his pretty sister and one freako who carried a badminton racket and walked pass us like a thousand times...
He passed me this big box with a phrase "Nah.. ur very belated bday present.. *big toothy grin* take lar.. lazy to carry this box around d.. "
I was like.. "Thanks.. and NABEH you.."

Narh.. the big nice box.


Taken from this pic.. (below) during our MHS reunion.. *here* and *here*

Don't get what the present is???
They are personalised stamps..
He framed a big piece up with acrylic as a photograph-stand..
He gave both me and JunWei the same pressies...
'cos our bdays are near.. 5th and 22nd.. same month la.. okay..

Banyak thanks to... ChoonWee-who's-coming-back-from-Perth-faster-than-I-reach-Malacca-from-Klang!!
One hell of unique + thoughtful present. *huggies*

Actually hor.. I really thought at this age.. really not expecting or getting any presents d.. though i still got give out presents to my close friends la... (Serious one) Really unexpectedly.. I got lagi a few more pressies... *evil laughter*

So what other presents?? ALL NECKLACES!!!
hahahhaa.. girly stuff.
Surprisingly all different "themes" of necklaces.

This one.. no need to say lar.. sure from Yvonne.. So her style.. Hahaha..
How she gave it to me?? -_-
I was searching for my purse in my bag.. then she just threw a little purple box in..
And say.. "ur bday present.. go back open"..
Then off she went, drinking like nothing happened.. bloody heart-attack wei....

I wore it to class that day.. Annie was.. "Wahhh strawberry..."
And ChloeTheKecik was looking at it and touching it.. all smiley.
She got that "weird" expression on her face.. I so knew what she was thinking...
I told her.. "Not I buy one la.. Yvonne gave it to me.."
Then she.. "Ohhh.. no wonder.. so not something you will buy.. but look nice on u.."
Both of us just cackled and keep giggling like siao-po(s) only..

This one.. from Phoenix and KelvinThongMyHalfBoss I think.
She gave it to me during my GoodEveningBangkok birthday lunch at 1U.
That nyonya and Kelvin.. smiling saje.. and passed me a MNG black velvet pouch..

I opened it and out came this necklace.. I like it.. *grins*
She hopped over and volunteered to help me wear it..
then she and Kelvin went... "Aahhhh... *shrieks and points* this is so YOU man.. "
Then they looked at each other and keep bombarding each other with "I told u so"....
hahahha they're "blossoming" i guess.. (can't wait for their happy start)

This is one surprising pressie from Berny.
She came down to cari YvonneTheMissTaiwan before flying off to be the new Miss Taiwan 2007/8.. Hehehehe..
They called me for BahKutTeh breakfast a few times but I was busy pigging.. *blek*
Never mind that.. hahaha.. She passed the pressies to Yvonne who threw on her bed a yellow bag that contained.. a matching set of long necklace with earrings.. Yum..

So niceeeee... hehehhee.. getting presents sure happy one lar.. aiyo..
Thoughts always count okk!! your mommy din teach u ar... double aiyoo..

And... I got myself.. a skirt!!

I bought this skirt at Samuel & Kevin's..
I like the folds and hemlines.. 59 only. Affordable. Good material lagi.
Haven't been shopping for a long time due to my sibeh busy schedule.

BUT I damn wasted my last Wednesday morning in MidValley that day 'cos
1. bloody Tung told me the wrong date for Tech exam..
2. I couldn't turn back 'cos bloody Federal highway was jammed the max..
3. and I WAS IN MIDDIE by 10am.. Empty and deserted.

SO SAD!!!! but luckily bought something.. if not.. REALLY WASTED and TULAN.


OK ok.. skip skip back to my bday night.
The pics were on facebook weeks ago.. but I didn't have time to upload it here..
There are more in facebook though..

Went BBQ Plaza, Sunway Pyramid for a normal casual nice happy dinner with my close close-childhood-highschool-crazy bunch of friends. Yvonne, FeeFee, FeiLing, Cassandra, Sharon, ImKiat, Alan, ChowLiang and Ray.

Come-come.. makannn...

ImKiat + Alan + moi + Ray + Cass
I duno why my stare is so bitchy.. -_0

me + Alan.. my mouth haven "telan" my pork slice. hehehe..

left two - CassSudahBalikLondon + FeeFeeHappyWithNewBF
right two - BubblyPinkStrawberryYvonne + FeiLingStillBlurSikit

Went to Sunway Flam after that..

Me and the hot machoness. Ray + Alan + ChowLiang + ImKiat.

Me and my sizzling luscious hot babes. Sharon + FeeFee + Yvonne + Cass

What a night to remember..
Jokes.. Laughter.. Blurness.. Gossip.. Alan's Tom and Jerry videos.. postcards.. KLCC.. memories.. tired.. bombarding.. birthday cake.. love.. tears.. talk.. happy hours.. driving.. drinking.. toilets.. girls.. sexy.. old.. perverted.. ahpeks.. food.. slaves.. mocha.. hugs and kisses.. ktv.. pictures.. cam-whores.. skirts.. fashion.. songs.. countries.. work.. friends.. bla bla bla bla blabla..

One sentence = Happy times passed sibeh kin.

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