Friday, October 12, 2007

let's raya celebrate.. err.. i mean.. celebrate raya..

My last raya was celebrated this way *click*

It's raya eve.
Supposedly to go to KelvinTheLecturer who-married-my-ex-collmate LeeChu's house.
Their baby girl first month. Hehe..
Supposedly the gang (Huay,Jwei,Fee,Alan,Kok) planned to party tonight at Lounge 789
but ended up at Velvet tonight...

So therefore I planned to go to baby's party.. then hit the clubs with the gang.
(speaking of UNFAIRNESS) *muttering*

Cos I got some FAMILY dinner tonight.. so co-incident..
where my attendance is COMPULSORY..
where uncle and aunty gathered and yek yek yekkk...
I do enjoy big gathering dinners..
but why lar tonight.. when my plans are sooo sooo.. PURRFECTO and ORGANIZED.

Nevertheless.. I went for the dinner then hit the mamak with my own family..
then hit the nearby supermarket to buy some snacks..
then hit the neighbouring "last-call" malay pasar malam..
where they sell tons of keropoks, jeruks, lemangs and nice nice embroidery kebaya etc etc...
Mom wanna buy this kebaya top.. looks nice.. I like it too..
I can't get one.. she say i'll look like a lao zhar boh.. lagi plus i'm short lar...

Came back.. sat down for 15 minutes.. kacau'ing facebook..
PhoenixQueenOfAllBirds called for yum cha. *looks at the time* 11.45pm.
Okay.. Let's. I can't sleep though..
Mom blaring the tv.. with Taiwan drama dvds..
Neighbours (Malay kids) cracking bombs so loudly..
Lagi.. long time no see both of them.. and best.. I don't have to drive.. *chuckles*

KelvinTheUncleThong picked me up with Phoenix.
Went to Bukit Tinggi Leo's Cafe. First time there.
We chatted and chatted.. trying to keep up with whatever that we missed at both sides..
And.. let the pictures briefly explain it all..

*lazily yawns*

Ok.. nights peeps.

Tomorrow got makan-makan at my house for my parents' friends.
Every Raya is the same.

Happy Raya Day everyblardee!!
Maaf Zahir Batin

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