Saturday, October 27, 2007

another uncle is born



We celebrated his birthday lunch at Gardens, MidValley City.
Wondering what to eat there?? The birthday boy wanted Asian Food.
Hahaha.. Fine then..

Was browsing thru the net.. and found this restaurant "Ding Tai Fung" food reviews..
From food bloggers...
- Joe's Lotsa Craving *click*
- WMW's You Get What You Give *click*
- Precious Pea's *click*

So who went?
Tung (duh), Chloe, Daryle, Michelle, ZiuHong and Victor.
TengWai FFk.. Phoenix in Thailand.. Kelvin kena accident tat morning.

Victor was late as usual.
He didn't know what was GARDENS?
He called when he was at MidValley..
We told him to cross the road to get to Gardens from the Starbucks entrance..

Walking towards Gardens.. under the white canopy.. he called..
- Eh michelle.. where is garden?? I walking in the white "tunnel"...
Tunnel??? What?? Just cross the road then reach Gardens d..
- Ok ok.. I'm standing at the entrance now.. so where is Garden??
Err.. hello.. You're IN Gardens d larrr...
- Huh??? Where got? Don't cheat me lar.. where got garden here?? Where is the park?
OMFG.. you really doofus.


We weren't really hungry.. so we just ordered some not-so-filling dishes.
Their oh-so-famous- chef-recommendation original xiu long bao (all pork)
Good.. I like it more than Dragon I's.. seriously..

(above) I really like this shrimp + pork dumplings..
Mayb cos i like prawns.. hehehe..
(below) Tung ordered drunken chicken.. Not bad.. the smell was really strong,,
and Miss Daryle thought it was vinegar.. *slaps forehead*

Birthday cake. A simple one. Daryle chose it.
Easy cake.. Fluffy cream.. sweet fruits.. vanilla chiffon cake..

Making what wish ar???? Hmmm.. drop more kilos?
Din't see him 2 months.. he dropped 5 kilos d.. by dieting and swimming.. WOW
My slice of cake.. hehehhee..

After lunch, we went walking around Gardens..
*whispers* (actually looking for washroom la..)
Not a bad view though.. Kinda of prefer here more than the new Pyramid 2

Garden's reception.

(above) Projector screens.
(below) Right wing void. Nice take.. I like.

Finally WASHROOMS!!!
ahhahahaha.. pee pee time..

Okay.. that was about how I spent my whole afternoon till around 5pm plus.


Was tired.
Was long day.
Was screwed suddenly.
Some plans backfired.
Kinda pissed-off.
Kinda lazy.
Really broke.


Night peeps....


ZhongHao said...

Screwed..?? aiiyoo...
who screwed u la...??
shiok boh..?

Michelle said...

u go take screwdriver and SCREW lar..
then see shiok boh.. hahahha perv