Thursday, October 25, 2007

O.. shine my sun... O do shine pleaseee..

Came across this pic online in this webpage entitle "When Logos Go Bad"
It WAS the logo for Institute of Oriental Studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Totally "unpresentably" creative right??

I mean.. to me.. it's .. err.. what the heck is the designer thinking...
*ahem* and why the hell did the client go approve it in the first place??!?! Over-look?
I mean... again.. They ACTUALLY put it up for public view on websites and all.. THEN they caught on and took it down.
WTF???? *scratches head till bleeds*

In nice words..
"The logo of the Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies, is a stylized pagoda silhouetted against the setting sun. The logo intends to make the Institute seem an inviting, happy and peaceful place..............."

In NOT so nice words.. "It looks like a stucked-up ass. Nice feel."

Well, putting it up online was a foolish no-brain-brain thing to do. Guess they didn't realize it. But after proliferating it across the Net and winning awards, their website just went offline.. forever..

Sigh. I still don't get it. It.. really looks like.. an... anal attack.. *chuckles*
It makes me.. feel like... HMmmmmmm..... *wonders*

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huaypin said...

DAMN~!!.. it DOES look like someone had smtg SHUFFED up its ASS.. that was indeed my first impression when i saw that logo.. what in the WORLDDDD!!.. hahahahah..