Thursday, October 11, 2007

habis minor!!!!

No new posting lately right?
All 'cos of this project. Deadline.

From *here* to *here* to *here*....
I added in my devian previously too.. hehe.. click *here* and *here*

So anyway.. finally submitted my paper-clay-modelling final project this afternoon.
Dating with Annie and Chloe at Studio 3 for some cam-whoring... *winks*
Was working on it for 2 full midnight-till-dawn "session" *tiring*
Hair-blowing it dry.. fidgeting it here n there.. shaping.. texturing.. bla bla blahh..
Thought it would be easy to form and shape it but blooddy hell.. SUSAH man..
Harder that looking at it and imagining making it.

The worst is.. my stupid excema "visited " me again..
the last time was last year december.. got the pic *here*
I always kena this like 2-3 times a year... damn tulanz..

Went to my family doctor yesterday..
He told me is pompholyx (click *here* for further info)
I only kena on my hands.. so it's called.. CHEIRO.. if i'm not mistaken..
The funny thing was.. he told me..
it happens because of my low immune-system and also.. STRESS!!!
It's not contagious..
Somehow it just blarrr all out from deep in me.. not allergy or from other contact.

So unhappily I have to soak my hands in the medicine for 15 minutes twice a day..
to cure it and to not SPREAD it to other fingers..
It's like little bubbles on ur hands with water in it..
so one burst.. the water kena other places of your hand..
it will start to bubble the babies there... SO FREAKING DIGUSTINGGGG..

Another SO.. back to my clay.. i SOAKED my hands in the clay for like 2 nights straight..
then hav to soak in the medicine after I have finished my model..
oh DAMN.. my hands are like lao zhar boh now.. wrinkleddddddd!!!!! after soaking lar..

OKayy.. i think I crapped too much.. view the pics and OFF i go..

In UCSI SAM's faculty...

this Chloe.. memang tak ubah-ubah...
we wanna help her to snap.. she tak nak..
Annie said.. "Oh.. I lupa she's THE queen of all cam-whores"

Back to the other side of the room.. our previous modeling clay creatures..

face memang hilang..

FINALLY... last one to wrap it all up today.. *blek*

first time making this ok..
give face abit lar.. nabeh one u guys..

Late d. BYE lar....

damn.. my fingers felt like rocky roads...
*runs to bed.. sobbing like a chicken gonna die*

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