Tuesday, August 07, 2007

minor mermaid model all MINE

What happened in minor class today?
hmm.. nothing much ler..
just the assignment was..
from the sketches i did *here* and the previous digital rendering (below)..

i have to like.. err.. make.. build.. a structure or model of it..
got started last night.. bloody fixing it till like 5am from the morning..
but I started like.. by 2:30am.. sheeeshh..
no wonder look like a zombie today. *shrugs*
(duh. everyday also look like zombie d)

The mess on my table in studio today. (look quite neat in a way too. hehe)
Did nothing except stuffing paper into the empty wired frame..
and talked a lot.. ahahhaa..

Mr Redzwan. The captain of our Minor class. (below)
Whatever he gave us as assignments.. he will also hand in one of his own to himself.
Meaning.. he did our assignment with us.
We buat our concept.. he buat his. Hehe.

My mermaid lying.. longing for hug. Awwwww...

Annie and gruesome monster drowned with its "principles of lust".. (below)
Closer shot (below below)
More pics up on my feminine mermaid and this macho monster.. posing.

Chloe. My design-partner-in-crime. (above)
Modelled with my mermaid.. she reasoned..
but can't see my mermaid pulak. IShHH.. *shakes head*
ya know lar.. whenever there's camera around.. she will.. just.. sighhh...

Iwan aka Izwan aka Curb or.. like what Anwar calls him.. "Dato"
Busy-nya and serious-nya today. Tsk tsk.

Tung (below). Buat roti canai for tea.

No thanks man.

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