Sunday, August 05, 2007

celebrating "model" day!!

Hot HOT hOT humid weather today..
everyone's feeling drowsy and tired..
and moody and restless and.. and.. oh well.. the list just goes on..

even Rocky also tak nak layan me.
hiding in the little parit only that fella..
cooling wor.. *shrugs*

HEhhehEHheh.. *laughs* stupid dog.

What I did for the whole damn day today was model moDEL MODEL!!!~
Tomorrow to meet Anwar for tutorial before second crit on coming Thursday.
Crazy rite?!??! just crit last week only.. Sheeeshhhh *kicking, pulling hair*
but this semester is all.. and I mean.. ALLLLLL about models!!!
*sobs* tak tahan d.

Hiding in my room whole day except lunch, dinner and "juice-bar" breaks.
Look at the mess.
Bring in the table, craps and all..
On my laptop.. let the dvd(s) ran a marathon..
sat on my bed and did my model(S) till like.. NOW.
*looks at clock* 11.39pm.
Still got sketches!!! oh shit. Shucks. Argh. Darn.

First mock-up model for my pavillion. (up) Done last week.
Can view my previous conceptual model *HERE*

(up) Second mock-up model. Different views.
(down) Third mock-up models.

All done by today. Started from 2pm till now lor.
Err.. gimme a break la ok.. i know i said WHOLE day.. though it started at 2pm..
I woke up at 12.30pm today ok. Lunch and all.. Sigh.
Halfway through the day... couldn't take it any longer.
Feeling like a nun.
So, hoping shower - cooling facial mask - cookies - cheesy nachos COOLS me off and ENERGIZE. Well.. and it did. Hahahha. *rolled eyes*

Compilation of all three.


p/s : See Yvonne!! I got do my models.. Nyek nyek!!~~ Blek.
*whispers* if not.. sure I kena from her more than I kena from Anwar. LOL

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