Friday, August 03, 2007

Mission to KL

*grabbed from VKeng_Reunion Pics*
In front of Cineleisure. 2.35am plus
(back) ChoonWee, SzeMun, Cass (front) JunWei, Me, VKeng, Sharon, Alan

* * * * * * * * *

On a mission today to get our asses to KL.
Yvonne - Site Measurement
ChoonWee - Buy famous laksa
Cass - Collect UK Visa approval
Me - Measure KLCC park, my design site

Four of us.. one journey to KL.
ChoonWee went off to Segambut after dropping us at Jalan Ampang.
Yvonne joined me n Cass later after her work was done.
Planned to walk over to KLCC from Plaza MCA.. only 5 mins walk.. mana tau..
it bloody rained!!!!

Almost drenched. *gag*

Ran to the nearest bus-stop which was quite near lar actually.. ehhehe..
Grabbed a cab and hit KLCC. So near yet so far hor..
Cab fare = 3.50. Hahhaa.. stupid.

Long time no take cab. Feeling still not bad. Hahahah..
bring back memories how often I travelled by cab from old Limkokwing Mayang to Subang area. Those times seemed so far back away d.. *miss miss*

Reached KLCC. Rushed off to the park. Did some measurement.
Cass and Yvonne waited for me along the walk.
Look at their exhausted tiring faces. Pity them for waiting for me. *apologetic look*

Blablabblah blahhh.. yada yada yada..

Oh ya. we met LeeChu. Tummy big big d. Baby girl.
So nice. So loving. Welcoming the baby girl soon by end of Sept.
First step into motherly-hood world.. and I'm still studying like a kid..
Niama betul..

On the way back. JAM like hell as usual.
Started doing something totally stupid n brainless.

That fella.. really four-letter-word.
All the way to Segambut to buy laksa!?!?!??!?!
Konon he said the best.. very nice.. to me, the price also very nice..
RM15 per packet.

Fuyohhh.. printed receipt samo. High tech-nya.
*whispers* Limkokwing receipt still use hand write one. lauyah hor..
Not bad leh..
8 packets of curry laksa and tomyam..
"hello... semua kasih kira boss..."


*tsk tsk tsk* kepalaku pening tiba-tiba...
Give me 100bucks.. I can buy a dress in a discounted price from MNG. hehehhehe..

This pic ar? hHAHhaha i also duno what i'm doing. *conceptual*
hhahahahaha.. ok lar.. tired d. Nights.

* * * * * * * * *

Extra bonus pic.
The new crowned wasabi-king friend I ever knew.
I thought ChoonWee was the king.. he just got demoted. By ME.. hahahahhaa..
This Mr. Koay.. OFMG.. really can swallow wasabi like tomato paste with no tear-dripping..

*applause* clap clap faster!!!

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