Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"rush" hours rushed off fast

"I'm bout to slice u up like a giant California roll."
heheh idiot.

"Come on, Crouching Tiger! Don't you hide that dragon!"
hahahahha crouching tiger.. hide that dragon.. hahahah
even more hilarious with his stupid facial expression.

"Now I'm bout to beat the puberty out of y'all."
hahhaha i learned a new phrase!!!

I think Rush Hour 1,2.. not bad.. 3.. still okay.. though you know somehow there was nothing very new here.. you know what to expect and what might happened.. I wouldn't say i did not enjoyed it cos I did.. ehhehehe but still.... the keyword here is.. "hilarous".

Chris Tucker is still a dumb-dumb-headed comedian with rapid-fire, witty remarks. Quite entertaining at times.. but quite irritating too.. heheh
Jackie is omFg... all wrinkles... but still swifty.. or maybe camera tricks.. hehehe..
but stilll enjoying the movie with Yvonne..

*claps hands*
damn.. this is so stupiddd.... hahaha
that guy.. so so TALL!!!!! nutshit mann..

ok la ok la.. full trailer below..
if u haven't watch it.. go watch it..
not bad. can de-stress.. and scream too.. LOL.
Who screamed? Yvonne la.. hahahahah!!! *shaking all over*
when Chris almost got blown down the tower with the flag..

One simple night-out with a close friend..
Grabbed a movie near home..
Such a nice feeling..
No need to travel all the way to KL to have some expensive-fun.
I still enjoyed.

Tomorrow. Hellish full day to crack head for design.
Tonight.. a BREAK to release tension.


I'm such a space-cadet lately.
I need hug. I need hug. I need hug.
I need someone to tell me everything will be alright.

p/s: I can't believe I missed Gwen's concert tonight. SHIT. double SHIT. triple shit. So eager to go.. then suddenly everyone was sooooo quiet bout it.. till i forgotten straight. *sniff sniff* Hitz.fm ended up as gwen.fm today.. 90% of today's songs.. ALL.. and I mean.. ALLLLL gwen's song.. *sobs* PEKCHIK!!!! *runs to a corner and sulk* HATE u GUYS!!!

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