Thursday, August 09, 2007

model lagi... tak habis2

B-U-S-Y. busy. DAMN BUSY.

Second interim crit today was okay.
Not bad.
Another model.
For my design module.
Anti-smoking pavilion.
This time... scale 1:50 *pening*

for previous models, click *here* and *here*

why lustfairy?
my dA nick.
just uploaded these pics in my dA too. (click *here* if u'r kepo enough)
can check out all the models there..

darn. MORE models to come.
This is the FIRST sem of my whole diploma and degree modules..
that.. that.. *stammers* that I buat so many models...
WORST.. they're all only MOCK-UP!!!!
I need to do another scale 1:50 with different materials during this weekend.
Anwar said it will be the LAST model.
*happily jumping around*

ya RITE... the LAST model of scale 1:50.
Gonna start on model of scale 1:20
1:20 lehhh!!!!!!!!!!
FREAKING HUGE weyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*flops on bed sobbing*

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