Thursday, June 30, 2011


A big smile on my face. Finally.
Something to look forward to.
Will be hopping into Singapore with a girlfriend, middle of July for a weekend getaway..
3 days and 2 nights of freedom from work.. wow that's an improvement. Haha
We'll be catching the Lion King musical at Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands.
Disney's internationally acclaimed musical.. Hmm.. Can't wait!!
At least something to keep me excited for awhile. =P

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Been piling up with works. Very busy.
Stress which leads to numerous times of brain-dead symptoms.
Well, I survived again. Lucky me.

Remember one of my previous post *click* when I went Ipoh for a one-day work trip.
Have been working on the project since.. layout plans done but not quite 100% confirmed yet..
Clients have been kind enough but typically pushy with the deadlines..
Have been working on the preliminary 3D proposals these few days.
Here's some sneak peek. *grins* in monochrome of course.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dissatisfaction that goes nowhere..

Appointments appointments appointments!!
I can't believe I'm booked for work for the rest of this week.
Every single day. Morning session, afternoon session and evening too.
Oh fuck my life.

I need some few hours for myself.
Some FREE hours for me to do nothing but just enjoy the moment.
To relax and have a deep long sleep...
Unlike lately only to always wake up to sudden urgent morning calls bout site issues etc or late SMSes out of nowhere bringing forward the deadlines.. Ugh.

Maybe I should try retail shopping.
A friend tagged me in facebook for the sudden fame of Banane Taipei Eco bags.
Posted a pix below. Nice? I like their Lake Blue or maybe Green Grass.

But no money.
Sigh. After complaints after complaints, life still goes back to square one.
Which is WORK to get CASH.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

those below five.

Everywhere I go nowadays, somehow I see baby carriages, kids, babies, and kids.. and more babies and kids. All soooo adorable. Even in facebook, you'll be browsing through your friends' kids, friend's sister's kids, old college friends' kids, ex-colleagues's kids and many more kids..
I can't imagine myself with a kid now even though I have constant questions on when am I getting a boyfriend.. when am I getting married.. old d.. you're suppose to be having 2 kids now.. lalallalala... Oh gawd.

Being in a big family, full of cousins who are a bunch older than you.. it's pretty tough when you're in a "single and available" status. Haha
Having their little kids running around on festive celebrations calling you "Aunty" when you insist on "Jiejie" will do.. Haha... But still, elders insisted must call Aunty. Some generation status thingy to them is very important.

Oh I just love watching them play.
But taking care of them full-time.. phew~ one tough task.

Kids and their "creative" poses nowadays.
Posed naturally when you took your camera out from your bag, waiting for you to snap on them and then eagerly looked on your camera preview and tell you, "Eh not nice, take again.." or "Eh it's me, so cute!"..
.... I'm speechless. But oh so adorable.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday doomed me

What a nothing-to-do day!!! And yes I am complaining..
I have tons to do.. but I just.. just.. don't freaking feel like doing anything....
How can weekends be soo sooo sooo BORINGGG....
Used to love weekends a lot but lately... I really prefer weekdays where you're pumped up working, squeezing the last bit of brain juice for some new ideas, meeting people (anal and not anal), driving around busy town.. well seems hellish but at least FRUITFUL...

Now I'm home alone. Sitting here watching downloaded CSI Season 6 on my laptop.
No breakfast, no lunch.. not even hungry..
It's only noon but I felt like ten hours just passed.. -___-
So restless and lazy to do my drawings even though the deadlines are catching up.
Hence the reason why I might feel tinyweeny guilt if I leave home for fun now.
Clients' scary faces appearing like nobody's business..
Besides I am so BROKE!!!

Guess I have to start work soon.. or maybe not.
But nobody's home!!!!!!!!!! No one to talk to, no one to make lame jokes with..
and I'm so drowned in the world of boredommm... so so so so bored..
If only I could scream out loud without chasing my neighbours mad..

I need a long holiday despite how I've mentioned earlier that I love weekdays working.. And sshitttt. Wtf I mean??? Boredom just made me crazy that I don't even understand what I want or say or do..
F%%%. I feel so lost.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i know i shouldn't but i can't help it...

Yesterday was really bad. Emotionally I mean.
Until last night, somehow things changed and feelings lifted to a slight better which I can easily "metaphorically" phrase it to two lines from William Shakespeare's "Sonnet XLIII"

"All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee to me."

- -
you can check the paraphrase here, if you wish to..*click*

Friday, June 17, 2011

tgif not!!!

Some Friday night. How boring.
Sitting here at Starbucks, waiting for time to pass to pick my sister from her tuition.
Oh gawd.. life couldn't be any duller.


I crave for you Moo...
I had this 2 days ago at Gardens. Their original flavour w/ Oreo crumbs topping.
I prefer Moo Yoghurt than Haagan Daaz. At least it's healthier, right?

my trust to you ended up a fraud

To be extremely frank, it's so offending when your love ones don't trust you because you're to be the one voicing negative remarks which are mostly true. You find it hurtful and discouraging because you are like that!! You do not encourage yourself. You just let it by one day after the another, then to your expertise you act like nothing happen. Truth hurts!! You just have to deal with it if you're not trying to improvise from it. Why do I tell you the fugly truth? Because I do not want you to face the evil world with your stupidity. If you can't take it from me, how can you take it from the outside world? At the end of the day, I'm not the one who will be in your shoes to absorb those unnecessary humiliation that you finger-crossed it will never happen BUT if you continuously ignoring the facts that are smacked right in your face now, then eat your own shoe.

The more it reflects in my mind, the more I saw red. Keeping secrets from me simply because you do not want me to know, so that I do not pass you REAL hurtful two cents that somehow will hurt your ass dignity. Please.

Hate it when you give me some lame-ass excuse to re-wind the statement you just said, thinking I'm some dumbass fucking kid that thinks rooster lay eggs. When you do not want anyone to know about your tiny little fucking secret then you should just keep it to yourself. Don't pass an invitation then to be advised by others then you come running to me trying your best to re-phrase your previous invitation and act all crazily innocent.

I do not need such drama especially when I'm so close to you.
I think of dear to you but you treat me lower than the dust under your doormat.
What the fuck am I to you?

Now that things are so obviously clear, don't expect me to tell you anything anymore.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

who can resist John Corbett?

I have a huge crush on John Corbett ever since I watched him on Sex and the City.
Yes still having a bigass crush even though the series was like 10 years ago?
I still and will always find him really hot and sexy despite his older age now.

This vid below is one of Trisha's BIG song.
Meaningful lyrics with very nice vid to go alongwith.
Of course "plus points" for me is that John's starring in it. =)

We don't have to do this..
We don't have to act like friends,
As much as I would love to,
I really just don't think I can...

Me, the one who really knows you
Me, the one whose heart you've broken..
Me, the one who was still hoping..
You might be missing.... me.

I really like the lyrics. *click* Find it very down-to-earth.
Practically everyone would go through this kind of phase in life.
Can so feel it.


i'm faulty.

I am such a failure at times..
Especially when dealing with her..
She can so drive me up the wall over some very very unnecessary stuff BUT yet I feel I'm the guilty one at the end of the day after I've cooled off EVEN when it's practically not considered as my "fault".
Then I'll start thinking... ahhh I shouldn't that.. I should've this.
Omg.. I'm so pissed with myself now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

capital of Perak...

I am working on some drawings and design concepts now.
Hence the visuals from the project I'm headache-ing with.
Taking a 5 minutes break to pen a short post here.

Ipoh has always been just a "quick-food-stop" for me whenever we're on the way to or back from Penang. Well, Ipoh just didn't seem that much of a WOW factor to me but I did realize long time ago that the architectural sights they have were pretty interesting at every corner of Ipoh Old Town. Old shophouses, the Moorish-style railway station, town hall, authority buildings, banks etc. Back to the British Colonial Era, pretty cool, I must admit..

in the car: snapped nearby my site

my new project site at Old Ipoh Town

Do you know Ipoh is the fourth largest city in Malaysia?

Monday, June 13, 2011

hot teens date

Youngsters nowadays.
Ok wait, I wonder am I still in the "youngster" category? =P haha

Anyway I was at Tropicana City Mall with Sarah earlier this evening.
With laptops and iPads, working our asses off at Bad Ass Cafe, earphones on our ears as those Hawaiian Aloha songs they were having on, was pretty much demotivating and distracting.
I still love Starbucks but there was a crowd there and takda tempat duduk.
Sarah suggested Bad Ass.. so why not? haha faster wifi and cheaper drinks.

So back to the "story", I was going up the escalator to GF, there was this very young teen couple 2 steps ahead of me. Possible in their very early 20s, or maybe younger. Dude with blings, baggy jeans, and girl with very short skirt.. Bet they were obviously oblivious about their surrounding as they were busy lip-locking from LG to GF. Haha. I was sorta in a hurry and have got no idea to pass them.. but I wasn't as offended as the lady behind me. She was staring and muttered something to herself, shaking her head with this very disapproving look. Haha. I wanted to laugh but oh well, it wasn't nice, right?

We settled at Bad Ass then. Sitting on comfortable armchairs near the entrance, "browsing" out, brain scanning for ideas and there I spotted them again on the escalator up to 1F. And yes they were lip-locking again, snuggling, forming into 1 big piece (haha) and the girl was giving him soft pecks on his cheek repeatedly all the way up... err like a woodpecker? The naiveness of young love where nothing matters but them. How easy.. and sweet.

Back then, I don't remember doing things like this. Shy shy.
Maybe a peck but not repeatedly pecks. Oh well I can't recall actually.
Been ages since I last dated.
When I mention AGES, i really MEANT "AGES".. like really long...
Not very hard to believe I think.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stress is simply a fact of nature.

At some times when some people expect too much from you, you asked yourself...
what will you do.. or should i rephrase that to.. what CAN you do or.. what SHOULD you do?
It's really getting very tiring when out-of-nowhere one throws an entire load, size of Russia on your shoulders; stepping a little on it.. causing some mini earthquakes and perhaps some crazy tsunami.. then.. sigh I'm out of words to describe.. Mana itu brakes??

Sometimes I find it amazing that (haha) in some way some "internal factors" can have their ways to determine my body's ability to react to all these hilarious loca external stress-inducing factors. As for now, I too find it impossible to tell you that I'm not "brain-dead" because... I AM BRAIN DEAD now.

Thinking ahead of all the workloads jamming up in front of me, foresee all the unseen-able unpredictable un-nice (if there's such word) of unnecessary problems and depressing consequences. I too hope that I won't be stuck in between as a victim of their "circumstances". All those boring old shouldn't-have-happen-kind-of sequence of actions or bad events expressed in a seriously unfriendly way should be grimly avoided.

Okay. I am a bit negative today.
OKAY. I admit I'm VERY pessimistic today, taking the gloomiest possible view.
But well, whatever my fortune may be, I hope I am still a happy lot in the end of the day.
*fingers crossed*

Saturday, June 11, 2011

when retreat comes with good food..

A very short retreat off the busy city today.
We were celebrating earlier Daddy's Day dinner here.
And here I meant is by the Morib Beach, Banting.
A very nice peaceful place, I must say.

And that's where we're having our dinner.
1 table per hut. Nice. Privacy.
And later on, mosquitoes. =(

Okay. We're here.. to be exact. Golden Sea Restaurant.
Food came fast. Cheap. Better than Teluk Gong or Port Klang, in fact...
Teluk Gong is toooo commercialized to my liking.
Here we can still have a bit of the "kampung" feel for seafood.

As you can see from the pictures what our main courses are...
Additional another extra dishes of vegetables and fried yam..
Guess how much our dinner was?? About 7 dishes with rice for each 6 of us..
- -
Only RM 168.. Affordable right?? .

Friday, June 10, 2011

a streak of laziness..

Eh... somehow I'm speechless tonight, err more like the whole day today..
Not just speechless but action-less, talk-less, brain-less maybe.
Maybe in another "simpler" word, i'm just bloody plain lazy today.
Drowning myself in this particular, 张雨生's song - 我期待
Poor guy... some really bad accident caused his death in his 30s..
Very talented guy.. or so I've heard from the elders... Hmm..

I'm still feeling lazy..

Oh I went pasar malam earlier tonite..
Siblings bought some putu bamboo and kuih pelita.
Very good business for this little dad-son-daughter stall..

Sigh. I'm still feeling lazy.
Even lazy to sleep. Damn.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

like my engraving?

My iPad's here.

Finally after 10days of wait since I've ordered online last week.
Been fidgeting with it since last night that I've been neglecting my freelances.
Sorry clients.. my bad.

Oh well, been BUSY adding new apps in, sync emails, contacts and files...
And building a li'l portfolio folder inside too..

My mom's playin' with it now.. she likes the AngryBird game.. So cute.
Dad's busy fidgeting with Poker games.. Haha.
He said he might consider getting one too.
Hmm.. Looks like my iPaddy gona be the whole family's new toy now. =)

am i a weirdy?

I wouldn't say mass media is bad..
but sometimes they're very influential in some very negative way.
I still remember back in high school where we always have to write essays with titles like "Benefits of Mass Media", "Pros and Cons".. "How Mass Media influences your future".. "How television cannot be your hobby?" etc etc

Well, waking up this morning... Mom greeted me with a short comment..
She said, "You know.. I heard this from a specialist/professor (or someone equivalent expert) having this interview with the deejays on radio this morning... What he said was quite true."

So she told me..
He said, 'All designers, no matter what kind of designer.. Advertising, graphic, interior, product... etc.. as in ALL kinds of designers or any living creature that does designing full time has a very weird attitude.... WEIRD as in think strangely, act strangely, talk strangely, always want-to-win attitude, stuck-up, very perfectionist... and.. pretty SELFISH.."

Wow.. Someone must have gotten into his 'undies' or some designer-ex-girlfriend must have dumped him pretty bad maybe.. for commenting ALL designers are, in another simplified word.. WEIRDOS?? or worst... ASSHOLES?!

And mom ended her line with.. "You should put this in mind.. Think about it.."

Errr... thanks mom.
Speechless me? Yes. I'm speechless.
Wait.. Are we thaaaaaaat bad? Seriously?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

two arrived

Despite the horrible day since 9am today, and after 10 days wait.. he finally arrived.
Yes it's a HE cos he's black... Know it sounded irrelevant but.. he's mine.
I'll name him soon.

Perhaps you can think of a name for me? Teeheehee

one Tuesday morning

Had a peaceful sleep.. maybe a few 'self-defined' nice dreams too..
Waking up slowly to the soft snoozing alarm from the past hour..

Picked up my phone to give the man a last reminder bout the appointment later at 11am, where he obviously needed the double reminder because he literally 'forgot' bout it and propose a tomorrow date instead.

Texted Big. And off escaped the fierce roar of the tiger.
Must be morning sickness or the pain start from M.
The roar vanished my earlier dreams away.
Sigh how dreams can be that smack in the face sometimes..
Smacked right back to reality.

A bad bad morning..
One bad Tuesday morning.

Oh fuck. Can one find me a voluntary electrician for the day?
Perhaps a loan for just 2 hours?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

a mermaid's tear

Just watched the Pirates of Carribean 4.
Not awesome but okay.. hmm not bad..
I didn't quite have high expectation as many people told me it wasn't as "big" or great compared the earlier parts. Hence the feeling after watching it was fine..
Like it though.

Love all the mermaid scenes..
They're all so mystical and really beautiful and alluring.. especially Syrena.

One of the scene I fancy lots.
That is EVEN without Jack Sparrow.
More about them.. click *here*
Almost all things bout all Pirates of Carribean parts.

Hmm.. i can't quite remember the first few parts of Pirates.
Guess movie marathon is calling... =P

Monday, June 06, 2011

menstrual talking..

As I am groaning in pain at this moment, I am going to ask the very 'old' question..
Why women gets period..

Yeah I know the puberty.. hormonal change thing,
then something bout reproductive system matures..
egg fertilized something then uterus wall implanting.. ovaries..
The cycle.. repeating cycle.. blood.. pads.. tampons..

I once heard a not-so-little girl asking her mommy...
"Why girls get bloody once every month and not boys?"
(okay that's not how she phrased it.. but nevermind)

The answer was sooooo simple that you hate to admit it that..
"Men don't have a uterus, so men don't ever get periods.."

And I almost asked... then why don't men have uterus then??

Sunday, June 05, 2011


I'm sorry that i couldn't bring myself to look into your eyes and "giggly" expressing my "compliments" like, "Wow... nice Prada you're holding... Ohh matched your Jimmy Choos and certainly brings out the colors of your eyes... wow wow wow... aww which I have all your qualities... you're one lucky woman..."

Oh gawd. Foot in my mouth.
I am never good in giving fake compliments or just gloat n bloat n float you up like a blardee oversized hot air balloon. Get a life. A REAL life, I mean.
Don't go expecting me to go va-va-vroom over your new branded bags la.. this la that la...
I mean when I throw you compliments, I am sincere.. I won't just "compliment" you simply making you happy in your way to sign contracts with me, or giving me great credits or whatsoever that you think you're great at..

I really don't know how to "polish shoe" lar.. and somehow lack of interest to take up that course.
Forgive me pls, your royal highness.