Thursday, June 09, 2011

am i a weirdy?

I wouldn't say mass media is bad..
but sometimes they're very influential in some very negative way.
I still remember back in high school where we always have to write essays with titles like "Benefits of Mass Media", "Pros and Cons".. "How Mass Media influences your future".. "How television cannot be your hobby?" etc etc

Well, waking up this morning... Mom greeted me with a short comment..
She said, "You know.. I heard this from a specialist/professor (or someone equivalent expert) having this interview with the deejays on radio this morning... What he said was quite true."

So she told me..
He said, 'All designers, no matter what kind of designer.. Advertising, graphic, interior, product... etc.. as in ALL kinds of designers or any living creature that does designing full time has a very weird attitude.... WEIRD as in think strangely, act strangely, talk strangely, always want-to-win attitude, stuck-up, very perfectionist... and.. pretty SELFISH.."

Wow.. Someone must have gotten into his 'undies' or some designer-ex-girlfriend must have dumped him pretty bad maybe.. for commenting ALL designers are, in another simplified word.. WEIRDOS?? or worst... ASSHOLES?!

And mom ended her line with.. "You should put this in mind.. Think about it.."

Errr... thanks mom.
Speechless me? Yes. I'm speechless.
Wait.. Are we thaaaaaaat bad? Seriously?

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